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Experimental Psychology Lab

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Psychological Colloquium

New location!! A10 1-121 (Lecture Hall F), 4-6 pm

Note: “Hanse Lectures in Neuroscience” are organized by the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (Institute for Advanced Study) and take place at the Hanse‐Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) at Lehmkuhlenbusch 4, 27753 Delmenhorst. They start at 6 pm!

Note for students: Hanse Lectures do not count as attendance for the Psychological Colloquium!


October 20, 2022

Introduction to neuroscientific methods courses and Labs


October 27, 2022

Hanse Lectures in Neuroscience

Prof. Dr. Frank Miedema

Professor of Open Science, Chair Utrecht University Open Science Program

November 03, 2022

Lab introduction 1

Prof. Dr. Christoph Herrmann: Research topics of the "Experimental Psychology Lab"

November 10, 2022

Lab introduction 2

Prof. Dr. Andrea Hildebrandt: Research topics of the "Psychological Methods and Statistics Lab"

November 17, 2022

Lab introduction 3

Prof. Dr. Christiane Thiel: Research topics of the "Biological Psychology Lab"

November 24, 2022

Hanse Lectures in Neuroscience

Prof. Dr. Li Zhaoping

Prof. of Cognitive Science, University of Tuebingen, Head of Department of Sensory and Sensorimotor Systems, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

December 01, 2022

Lab introduction 4

Prof. Dr. Stefan Debener: Research topics of the "Neuropsychology Lab"

December 08, 2022

Dr. Johannes Reckweg (Maastricht)

Developments in research with psychedelics drugs and their therapeutic application
December 15, 2022

Lab introduction 5

Prof. Dr. Jochem Rieger: Research topics of the "Applied Neurocognitive Psychology Lab"

December 22, 2022


January 12, 2023

Lab introduction 6

Prof. Dr. Mandy Roheger: Research topics of the “Ambulatory Assessment in Psychology Lab”

January 19, 2023



January 26, 2023

Hanse Lectures in Neuroscience

February, 02, 2023



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