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Open Science

Open Science

In any market, consumers must evaluate the quality of products and decide their willingness to pay based on their evaluation. In science, consumers of new scientific findings must likewise evaluate the strength of the findings and decide their willingness to put stock in them. 

From Vazire, S. (2017). Quality uncertainty erodes trust in science. Collabra: Psychology, 3(1).

Evaluation of scientific results’ strength in psychological research has often been difficult in the past due to a lack of relevant information in research articles or high access costs. The ongoing reproducibility crisis in psychological science has made the importance of transparent, self-correcting and trustworthy results and scientific practices undoutedly clear. The Open Science (OS) movement has committed to counteract these challenges by making quality research acccessible to all. OS is based on six core principles that are recommended for transparent research: Open data, open source, open methods, open access, open resources, and open per review.

For a more general overview on the topic, as well as learning material and a list of the current terminology, please refer to, e.g., the German Reproducibility Network.

The Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg supports open access publications. Moreover, the implementation of Open Science practices is highly valued and supported in the Department of Psychology. The Open Science Interest Group of the department is working on spreading awareness and facilitating the implementation of OS practices at every level of the scientific career. In addition, the DFG funded core centre Tools for Open and Replicable Science develops software solutions and procedures in collaboration between the Neuroimaging Unit and the ANCP-lab.



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