Medolution - Medical Care Evolution

Medolution's vision is to reduce health care costs while improving the quality of life for patients. The project aims to develop "smart" environments that combine professional medical information with user-generated data. This leads to new relevant information that can help sufferers and healthcare professionals make decisions about diagnoses, therapies, and ongoing monitoring from response to prevention. Medolution relies on the results of the Medusa project, which has developed a collaborative, cloud-based approach to relevant medical information for critical situations. Medolution complements this with concepts for long-term monitoring and decision support. The topics of the Medusa project, security, latency and cooperation, require further research in Medolution.

The technical challenges in Medolution are handling huge heterogeneous data and data sources, integrating and combining that data and extracting new relevant information. In parallel, Medolution must ensure the safety and reliability of the devices in the home environment of those affected. Medolution addresses these challenges by implementing big data concepts and analytics in the cloud. These lead to:

  • Early and proactive decision support for patients and physicians in the form of early warnings and notifications
  • The ability to generate health-related predictions based on continuous trend analysis.
  • The ability to share health-related information between devices and people.

Medolution supports the European healthcare industry, software manufacturers and service providers to integrate new innovative ways of analyzing health information into new commercial service concepts and products.

Funding / Cooperations


Philips Healthcare (Koordinator)
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
OFFIS e.V., Bereich Gesundheit
TU Dortmund


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (09/18 – 12/18)
Own sources (AMT)

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