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Workshop: „Discovering true self through game interaction. Getting serious through fun"

Am Montag, den 06.05.2024 von 9 bis 17 Uhr findet der Workshop „Discovering true self through game interaction. Getting serious through fun” im Gästehaus W14, Drögen Hasen Weg 64, 26129 Oldenburg statt.

Trainerin ist Organisations- und Gruppencoach Stanislava Potupchick. Sprache ist Englisch und der Workshop ist offen für alle Geschlechter. Anmeldung über PE.OE bis zum 19.04.2024 hier
Studierende können sich per Mail bei uns anmelden.

The aim of this workshop is to explore own personalities, personal boundaries and team agreements in a safe environment through role games. Self-awareness in various situations as well as realizing and probably widening personal boundaries are some of the expected outcomes from that day. The workshop allows participants to practice uncommon patterns which are usually rejected by females (and males) due to social boundaries and expectations. Besides the program itself there will be some talking from the trainer side about psychological contract and ground rules, as much as quite some personal feedback to participants. The program includes psychological contract, creation of ground rules, and quite some personal feedback to participants.

In detail, the program includes the following:

  1. To start and break the ice we play Happy Salmon. As a debrief we discuss how important it is to express yourself and listen to others at the same time. We also use the exercise “count to 33” to learn to accept each other mistakes and thus lower this threshold for the next modules.
  2. We can not build a team from a crowd, only from valuable individuals, that is why we always start with some kind of personal stories, for people to learn about each other. In this case I plan to use the 360 stories board, allowing people to either tell true stories, or invent those on the fly. With challenging questions that come from the game board, people are invited to uncover less known things about themselves. Sharing personal stories as a foundation for connection instead of competition is an important lesson for such a group.
  3. Then we proceed to the pair-drawing exercise. Through this experience participants can explore their personal beliefs and patterns and learn how to communicate those to others without losing the purpose. Ability to voice your opinion in a way that allows it to be heard is a valuable skill for women.
  4. After people get used to the interaction between 2, we proceed to bigger groups. In teams of 4 participants build lego structures (using self-awareness questions as an invite). We stress in this module that everyone is welcome to behave in unusual ways, to practice new patterns in a safe environment of a game. This exercise goes deeper in self-discovery using what participants learned in earlier parts of the workshop.
  5. Then of course we practice all together. We will go through 2-3 group exercises that allow people to dive into their personal boundaries and try to change them when needed. Some role-playing activities usually lead to higher openness for vulnerability in the group.
  6. We close off with some fun, easy going exercises that help people to conclude this experience and exit their chosen personal thus returning to real selves to process the aggregated knowledge.

Wir würden uns sehr über eine rege Teilnahme und Bekanntmachung in Ihren Bereichen freuen. Nutzen Sie dafür auch gerne die angehängten Flyer sowie die Informationen auf unserer Website

Rückfragen, Anmerkungen und weitere Themenwünsche können gerne direkt an (Referentin für Gender und Diversity Management, Fakultät VI) geschickt werden.

06.05.2024 09:00 – 17:00

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