Dr. Yawei Zhang (2004–2008)

  • Bachelor Thesis, Peking 2001, "The Synthesis and Resolution of Optical Active Derivatives of Ketorolac", bei Prof. Yedi Guan.
  • Master Thesis, Stuttgart 2003, "Characterization and Evaluation of an Online Monitoring Biosensor System for Nitrification Control in Wastewater Treatment", bei Prof. J. Metzger.
  • Dissertation, Oldenburg 2008, "Synthese von s-Indacen- und Diaminoterephthalsäurederivaten".
  • J. Christoffers, Y. Zhang, W. Frey, P. Fischer, Synlett 2006, 624–626.
  • Y. Zhang, J. Christoffers, Synthesis 2007, 3061–3067.
  • Y. Zhang, P. Starynowicz, J. Christoffers, Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2008, 3488–3495.
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