Internationaler Workshop

Internationaler Workshop

Trends in Proof Theory


In ideal continuation of the Humboldt Kolleg "Proof" - Bern 2013


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HAMBURG, 20 - 21 September 2015

Hauptgebäude der Universität Hamburg

Emil-Artin-Hoersaal (Hoersaal M)

Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, 20146 Hamburg


Satellite-Workshop for the annual Conference of the German Association of Mathematicians (DMV) 2015


PD Dr. Stefania Centrone (DFG Eigene Stelle) in cooperation with DVMLG 

Invited Speakers and Guests


Sonntag, 20.09.2015

Chair: A. Cantini

09:15-10:00   H. Schwichtenberg, Logic for Real Number Computation

10:00-10:45   U. Petersen, On Levels of Induction in a Contraction Free Logic with Unrestricted Abstraction

10:45-11:00   Pause


11:00-11:45   S. Negri, On Neighbourhood Semantics and Sequent Calculus

11:45-12:30   L. Crosilla, Philosophy of Mathematics and Proof Theory: Some Thoughts


12:30-14:30   Mittagspause


Chair: S. Negri 

14:30-15:15   M. Siebel, A Critique of a Recent Contribution to the Logic of Explanatory Proofs

15:15-16:00   G. Sundholm, Assumption versus Lemma


16:00-16:30   Pause


16:30-17:15   V. Peckhaus, The Notion of Proof in the Early Algebra of Logic

17:15-18:00   D. Føllesdal, The Role of Mathematics and Science in Bildung


Montag, 21.09.2015

Chair: H. Ishihara

09:15-10:00   P. Schuster, Eliminating Disjunctions by Disjunction Eliminations (joint work with D. Rinaldi)

10:00-10:45   M. Okada, Husserlian Notion of Manifold as Proof-Rewrite Networks and its Extension


10:45-11:00   Pause


11:00-11:45   T. Strahm, A Feferman-style Type System for the Small Veblen Ordinal  

11:45-12:30   M. Benini, Proof-Theoretic Semantics: Point-free Meaning of First-Order Systems


12:30-14:00   Mittagspause


Chair: P. Minari

14:00-14:45   D. Probst, Modular Ordinal Analysis of Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic of Strength up to ID_1

14:45-15:30   G. Jäger, Recent Developments in Operational Set Theory.

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