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Derzeitige Forschung

  • “Salience and Policy Instruments: Evidence from the Auto Market”, with Nikita Koptyug
  • “Assessing the Effects of a Large Temporary Energy Savings Program: Evidence from a Developing Country”, with Claudio Lucinda and Andre Ribeiro

Veröffentlichungen in Fachzeitschriften

  • (2020): “Consumer Response to Energy Label Policies: Evidence from the Brazilian Energy Label Program”,with Claudio Lucinda and André Ribeiro
    Energy Policy 138, March 2020, 111207.
  • (2018): “Fuel Choice and Fuel Demand Elasticities in Markets with Flex-fuel Vehicles”
    Nature Energy 3, 582-588.
  • (2017): “Bailing On The Car That Wasn't Bailed Out: Bounding Consumer Reactions to Financial Distress”, with Nikita Koptyug
    Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 26 (2), 337-374.
  • (2014): “The Market Impact and the Cost of Environmental Policy: Evidence from the Swedish Green Car Rebate”, with Claudio Lucinda
    Economic Journal 124, F393-419 (lead article).
    Featured in LSE's European Politics and Policy blog
  • (2013): “Build It, But Will They Come? Evidence from Consumer Choice Between Gasoline and Sugarcane Ethanol”, with Alberto Salvo
    Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 66, 251-279.
    (top field in Environmental Economics)
    Featured in Folha de São Paulo
  • (2012): “Does Product Differentiation Soften Price Reactions to Entry? Evidence from the Airline Industry”, with Alessandro Oliveira
    Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 46 (2), 189-204
  • (2011): “Is Arbitrage Tying the Price of Ethanol to that of Gasoline? Evidence from the Uptake of the Flexible-Fuel Technology”, with Alberto Salvo
    Energy Journal 32 (3), 119-148.
  • (2011): “Term Structure Modelling with Observable State Variables”
    Journal of Banking and Finance 35 (12), 3240-3252.
  • (2009): “Localized Competitive Advantage and Price Reactions to Entry: Full-Service vs. Low-Cost Airlines in Recently Liberalized Emerging Markets”, with Alessandro Oliveira
    Transportation Research E: Logistics and Transportation Review 45 (2), 307-320.
  • (2007): “Investigating Business Traveller Heterogeneity: Low-Cost vs Full-Service Airline Users?”,
    with Fabio Evangelho
    Transportation Research E: Logistics and Transportation Review 43 (3), 259-268.
    (Most downloaded article from the journal's website in 2007:Q1, top 10 in 2007.)
  • (2005): “Market Entry of a Low-Cost Airline and Impacts on the Brazilian Business Travellers”,
    with Fabio Evangelho and Alexandre Linhares
    Journal of Air Transport Management 11 (2), 99-105.


  • “Policy Instruments to Reduce Carbon Emissions from Road Transport”, with Davide Cerruti
    Forthcoming at the Encyclopedia of Transportation, to be published by Elsevier
  • “Growth of the Middle Class: Meeting the Challenges”, with Claudio Lucinda
    In: DATAGRO (Org.) Global Agribusiness Forum Academy - GAF Academy, Sao Paulo, 2014.
  • “Estimation and Identification of Demand and Supply”, with Alberto Salvo (in Portuguese)
    In:Quantitative Methods Applied to Antitrust and Regulation, eds. Eduardo P. S. Fiuza and Ronaldo S. da Motta (Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada, IPEA). Brasília: SDE (Ministry of Justice), 2006
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