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The MMHR-HRTF Database

This page provides links to the files of the MMHR-HRTF database described in:

Thiemann, J., van de Par, S. A multiple model high-resolution head-related impulse response database for aided and unaided ears. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2019, 9 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13634-019-0604-x.

The HRTF datasets are available in SOFA format and in a similar HDF5 database format. The SOFA creators provide APIs for a variety of languages, including MATLAB/Octave, C++, and Python. The HDF5 files can be read in MATLAB using a simple function (loadHRIRnear.m)which is available at the same location as the data files.

Each database is available in the full-length version (4410 samples, 100ms) or the truncated version (294 samples, 6.66ms). For most purposes, the truncated responses are recommended. The long responses contain late reflections of the recording setup and are primarily intended to evaluate the quality of the recordings.

SOFA format

The SOFA format database can be downloaded from

zenodo.org/record/2582553. DOI

MD5 checksums

6392c321a91f4a0e1be7b4574082f52f BKwHA.sofa
ed63ad77979a245b744e106515837323 BKwHA_s.sofa
1a07ace73badb634001f23bb6690c3b1 DADEC.sofa
e3b4de121c55d8c8de93da3e5ca513a6 DADEC_s.sofa
9aaa346e6262a24b4230bd551b7d63be Head.sofa
fc042f78afcdd8aa5ddd5c353eadb500 Head_s.sofa
6ae410541c1eb2a5944cecb585e25276 KEMAR.sofa
5665b15f768bf6f6e95f23c7b1cf6cc1 KEMAR_s.sofa
cfdec7415afa92fb02adf8b187154a5d README.txt

HDF5 format

The HDF5 format database can be downloaded from



MD5 checksums

80b63ffd3f046b34fb2c1d922e6c3e44 BKwHA.h5
e8fef411357896d08a10cc4d961d6da3 BKwHA_s.h5
d93c65a91bce469b7594ff0b1ee0eb8c DADEC.h5
1d06344a78e36db0b76ddcb63b5c6019 DADEC_s.h5
f398556df3fd688e83b8f02c062a190a Head.h5
afa0c977786f8d91042e5dae8d7f396e Head_s.h5
881553b4b3f6d0370698172329dcdeda KEMAR.h5
6e7fd1d116e447d04b6fa8d6bd869900 KEMAR_s.h5
c814e48259ba03dddba19bf9c19eb614 loadHRIRnear.m
240f8c200f3776c0eebe4e687def3c4e README.txt
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