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Call 2024

The new call will be published in early 2024.

Interview with Prof. Scherjon (UMCG) about the MD/PhD Programme

Joint MD/PhD Programme Groningen-Oldenburg

Joint MD/PhD Programme Groningen-Oldenburg

The 2024 call will soon be published if you are interested in the programme check our potential project proposals at the bottom of the page.

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Oldenburg and the University Medical Center Groningen offer up to three positions in the joint MD/PhD programme.

The MD/PhD programme is intended for motivated medical graduates from the University of Oldenburg who want to deepen their expertise in scientific research. Their ambition is to have a career as both a clinical specialist and a scientist. This means that they have a future in mind as a physician-scientist or a medical specialist at a university medical centre, or they want to remain involved in scientific research while working as a general practitioner or medical specialist at a regional hospital.

The universities of Groningen and Oldenburg join forces to provide MD/PhD candidates with the best possible scientific qualification. Candidates profit from an excellent research infrastructure while being embedded in an inspiring international working environment. They are supervised by experienced researchers from Groningen and Oldenburg and carry out their research project in both places. In addition, they can take advantage of the course offer of both graduate schools (GSMS, OLTECH) to raise their profile. After successful completion of the programme a double doctorate degree will be awarded.

Potential projects for the MD PhD Call 2024

To give you an idea of the projects you could be involved in during the Joint MD PhD programme, please find below a selection of project ideas:

Mechanisms and determination of disease progression in the early phase of NPC1 disease (Bräuer/Hipp)

Further information about the project: Project Outline (Bräuer/Hipp) 

Improving visualisation of quantitative neuroimaging results for routine clinical application with a focus on colour scales (Sundermann/van der Hoorn)

Further information about the project: Project Outline (Sundermann/van der Hoorn)

Neuronavigated brain stimulation as an innovative treatment for depression (Hurlemann/Aleman)

Further information about the project: Project Outline (Hurlemann/Aleman/Kiebs) 

MEMETIS: Memory Enhancement via Transcranial Temporal Interference Stimulation in Parkinson's and Healthy Subjects (Witt/Aleman/Stalter)

Further information about the project: Project Outline (Witt/Aleman/Stalter)

Importance of mitochondria in neuronal and retinal diseases (Neidhardt/Dolga)

Further information about the project: Project Outline (Neidhardt/Dolga)

Exploring Therapeutic Approaches using Patient-Derived Induced Stem Cells and Organoids (Neidhardt/Foijer)

Further information about the project: Project Outline (Neidhardt/Foijer)

Towards patient-centered care in clinical genetics: Optimizing efficacy and efficiency of the genetic counseling practice across borders (Hildebrandt/Christiaans)

Further information about the project: Project Outline (Hildebrandt/Christiaans)

Investigating Rac-1 in Therapy Resistance and Immune Infiltration in Pancreatic Cancer (Bockhorn/Nijkamp/Hoogwater)

Further information about the project: Project Outline (Bockhorn/Nijkamp/Hoogwater)

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