Areas of Specialization

  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Kant and German Idealism
  • Critical Theory

Areas of Competence

  • Climate Ethics
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Jewish Philosophy


My research asks the question, what does it mean to call something “mine”? What kind of material and moral presuppositions make this claim possible, effective, right or wrong? What conceptual and institutional tools are required to rethink the framework which divides the social world into regions of mine, yours, theirs and ours? In light of these questions, I am currently working on two book projects: first, a monograph on the normative theory of property from Kant to Hegel, and second, a book on the right to expropriate and socialize property, particularly with regards to land, industry and natural resources. In addition, I am interested in the social philosophy of Hegel, the young Hegelians, Marx, Luxemburg, Adorno, recognition theory, climate ethics, and phenomenology. I also write on science fiction, Jewish themes, and contemporary culture and politics for various magazines.


(Stand: 19.01.2024)  | 
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