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This section lists chairs, research projects and working groups that offer the opportunity to write a thesis on sustainability or climate protection topics.

In addition, specific announcements of final theses are published here.

Please note that this list may not be complete.

Current tenders

Klimaschutz & Nachhaltigkeit an der Universität Oldenburg

Introduction of an internal CO2 price

Within the framework of the thesis, the possibility of introducing an internal CO2 price in the university structures is to be examined and tested. The advantages and disadvantages of such an introduction can be examined and evaluated and/or a strategy can be developed on how such a price could be implemented in the administration. The examination of the legal and structural framework plays a decisive role. The exact objective is to be further formulated by the student, taking into account his/her own focus of interest.

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Comparison of the CO2 balance of teaching

The study-related CO2 emissions of modules in the context of business administration degree programmes in three different delivery formats are to be investigated: one module in face-to-face study, one in blended learning format, one in purely online format. The Master's thesis is interdisciplinary in nature and is to be carried out jointly by two students from Faculty I and Faculty II.

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Regional supply of organic food

Within the framework of the practical Master's thesis for the city of Oldenburg, the following question can be addressed: Can the food supply of the city of Oldenburg and the surrounding area be provided with regional and ecologically produced food? The following sub-aspects are of particular relevance for the accompanying institutions, the district of Oldenburg and the city of Oldenburg:

  • What influence would a change in agricultural animal husbandry towards a strong use of extensive grassland areas have on the above-mentioned question?
  • How would changes in the consumption habits of the urban and rural population affect the above-mentioned question?

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Contact: Climate Protection Department of the City of Oldenburg

Chairs for sustainability topics

Faculty III

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