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Research Projects

Research activities of the working group wind energy systems

Current research projects

Acronym Title Contact Funding
CompactWind II Wake control of onshore wind farms at instationary meteorological conditions based on standard sensor concept Paul Hulsman BMWi
ConUp Surveillance methods for manufacturer-independent parameterization and retrofitting of wind turbine control system Martin Kraft BMWi
DFWind 1 German Research Platform on Wind Energy - Phase 1 Martin Kraft BMWi
DFWind 2  German Research Platform on Wind Energy - Phase 2 Martin Kraft BMWi
EMUwind  Advanced modelling and uncertainty analysis of atmospheric wind fields based on highly resolved measurements Marijn van Dooren BMWi
FLiF+ Forschungsbasiertes Lernen im Fokus Andreas Schmidt BMBF
IEA Task 32 Phase II Lidar for wind energy deployment (IEA-Annex 32)-Phase II Marijn van Dooren IEA
LIKE LIdar Knowledge Europe Marijn van Dooren EU
ProWind Participation in the build-up of the "ProWind" research platformeteiligung am Aufbau der Forschungsplattform „ProWind“ Hendrik Heißelmann MWK Nds.
SFB 1463 Megastrukturen   Integrated design and operational methodology for offshore megastructures Daniel Ribnitzky  DFG
TurbuMetric Optical 3D measurement techniques for the acquisition of dynamic fluid-structure interactions in turbulent wind environments Apostolos Langidis MWK Nds.
Windpark-RADAR Validation and demonstration of dual-Doppler radar wind field measurements for applications in the wind energy industry Marijn van Dooren BMWi

Observer-supported prediction of grid congestions and possible feed-in of offshore wind energy for operational grid management and trading processes

Jörge Schneemann BMWi
WiSAbigdata 'Wind farm virtual Site Assistant for O&M decision support' advanced methods for big data analysis  Martin Kraft BMWi
X-Wakes Interaction of the wakes of large offshore wind farms and wind farm clusters with the marine atmospheric boundary layer Jörge Schneemann BMWi
YawDyn Validation of yield increases and load reductions in offshore wind farms due to adapted dynamic wind direction tracking Vlaho Petrović BMWi

Completed projects

Akronym Titel Kontakt Mittelgeber
AWESOME Advanced Wind Energy Systems Operation and Maintenance Expertise Marijn van Dooren EU
Baltic I Control of offshore wind farms through local power prediction and monitoring of power and load characteristics Martin Kraft BMWi
CLUSTERDESIGN A Toolbox for Offshore Wind Farm Cluster Design Davide Trabucchi  EU
CompactWind Increasing the area energy yield in wind farms by advanced turbine and farm control Marc Bromm  BMWi
EERA DTOC EERA Design Tools for Offshore Wind Farm Cluster Design Tools Hauke Beck EU
GW Wakes Analysis of wake induced deficits and wake turbulence characteristic of large offshore wind farms, by comparison of »alpha ventus« and »Riffgat« Jörge Schneemann BMWi
IEA Annex 32 LiDAR for wind energy deployment  Davide Trabucchi  IEA - Task 32 Innovative Wind Conversion Systems (10-20 MW) for Offshore Application Martin Kraft EU
IRPWIND Integrated Research Programme on Wind Energy Vlaho Petrović EU
NEWA New European Wind Atlas Stephan Voß BMWi, EU
RAVE-OWP Control Adaptive operational management and control of offshore wind farms based on specific operating strategies for yield, load and grid optimization Andreas Rott BMWi
OWEA Loads Probabilistic load description, monitoring and reduction of loads of future offshore wind turbines Binita Shrestha BMWi
SEE PhD Program System Integration of Renewable Energies Mehdi Vali MWK Nds.
Smart Blades Development and design of intelligent rotor blades Martin Kraft BMWi
SmartBlades 2.0 Construction, testing and further development of intelligent rotor blades Vlaho Petrović BMWi
ventus efficiens ForWind: ventus efficiens - joint research to increase the efficiency of wind turbines in the energy system Martin Kraft MWK Nds.
WIMS-Cluster High performance computer for wind energy relevant meteorology and flow calculations Vlaho Petrović BMWi The European WindScanner Facility Stephan Voß EU
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