IEA Annex 32 – Phase II

IEA Annex 32 – Phase II


Lidar for wind energy deployment (IEA Annex 32 – Phase II)


International Energy Agency IEA – Task 32 – Phase II


01.01.2016 - 31.12.2018

Project partners

57 institutions from 11 countries under the leadership of SWE - University of Stuttgart

Project objectives

  • Open and regular exchange of experience and progress from various research projects and measurement campaigns on the performance of lidar instruments and related measurement techniques under different operating and site conditions.
  • Identification and reduction of hurdles in the application of lidar wind measurement technology in the fields of site evaluation, power curve measurement, load measurements and control as well as complex flow conditions (e.g. wake, complex terrain)
  • Further development of the "IEA Recommended Practices for Remote Sensing Measurements".
  • Identification of specific needs for research & development and standardisation

Specific contributions and objectives WESys

  • Lidar measurement of wakes
  • Lidar measurements with long-range wind scanners


Applied science

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