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Lena Schell-Majoor

About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher and science manager in the Medical Physics group and the Cluster of Excellence „Hearing4all”. My research focus lies on the intersection of computer science, physics and medicine with a focus on hearing technology and audiology aiming at understanding and improving health care for everyone. I enjoy working in collaborative interdisciplinary and innovative projects.




Schell-Majoor, L., Kollmeier, B.:
Mapping aided speech recognition thresholds for model-based hearing aid fitting.
DAGA 2023, Hamburg.

Schell-Majoor, L., Büchner, A., Kollmeier, B.:
Auf dem Weg zur virtuellen Hörklinik: Grundlagen und Lösungswege aus dem
Exzellenzcluster Hearing4all. DGA 2023, Köln.

Kollmeier, B., Warzybok, A., Saak, S., Xu, C., Schell-Majoor, L.:
Psychoacoustics with limited resources: How smartphone-based hearing tests change
hearing research. ISAAR 2023, Nyborg.

Feld, L., Hellmers, S., Schell-Majoor, L., Koschate, J., Zieschang, T., Kollmeier, B.,
Hein, A.:
Towards the Application of Hearables for Near-Fall Detection. Current Directions in
Biomedical Engineering 2023;9(1): 623-626. doi.org/10.1515/cdbme-2023-1156

Research Interests

  • Mobile (hearing) health
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Computational auditory modeling
  • Data-driven audiology
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