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Summer school

1st summer School of the "Nano Energy" research group

The summer school of the research training group “Nano Energy” of the University of Oldenburg takes place at the beautiful Elstal near Berlin.

The nano energy group consists of several PhD students from different fields ranging from biology to chemistry and physics.  The topic of the conference goes with title "energy research at the nanoscale: devices, materials and mechanisms".

Invited Speakers

We are happy to announce the following invited speakers attending the summer school:

  • Prof. Gianfranco Paccioni (University Milano) 
    • Two-dimensional oxides as new catalytic materials
  • Prof. Peter Hegemann (University Berlin)
    • Optogenetics: Basic Technology and Novel Applications
  • Prof. Siegfried R. Waldvogel (University Mainz)
    • Electroorganic Synthesis Using Electric Current as Reagent
  • Dr. Maria Wächtler (Leibniz institute for photonic technologies)
    • From photoinduced dynamics towards materials for solar energy conversion
  • Prof. Wolfgang Langbein (University Cardiff)
    • Ultrafast dynamics in semiconductor and metal nanostructures
  • Dr. Jacek Goniakowski (Institute of nanoscience Paris)
    • Electrostatics and polarity in 2D oxides
  • Dr. Gareth S. Parkinson (Technical university Vienna)
    • Single Atom Catalysis: An Atomic Scale View
  • Prof. Herbert Over (University Gießen)
    • Microscopic Processes at Model Catalyst Surfaces: Power and Weakness of Images
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