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Oldenburg (map) is a city with ca. 170.000 inhabitants in the northern part of Germany (Federal State of Lower Saxony). It is close to the bigger city of Bremen and the North Sea coast.

There are train connections with major cities in Germany (most trains pass through Bremen). Important remark: the central station of the city is called "Oldenburg (Oldb)" (this is to to avoid confusions with another city called Oldenburg and situated in Holstein).

The closest airport is in Bremen. There is a reasonable public transport connection between Oldenburg and the airport in Bremen (15 minutes by tramway between the airport and the Bremen central station + 35 minutes by regional train to Oldenburg), there are some shuttle services as well. Check the dedicated page (maintained by the university).

Other possible airports are in Hamburg and Hannover (then +3 hours to Oldenburg by train).

Check the available travel information.

Conference site

The conference will take place at the Campus Wechloy in the building „W32 (Experimentierhörsaal)”, precise address: Küpkersweg 50, 26129 Oldenburg. (Note that the university has another campus called Haarentor, the distance between the two campuses is approx. 1 km.). The campus map can useful.

Building W32 Main lecture hall

Lunch options

All these places are marked on the compact map prepared by the organizers: MAP (the background map is from Google maps).

Note that I am not sure about card payments in all these places (they may accept cash only or German cards only). There is no possibility of cash withdrawal on or near the campus, so please have some cash with you.

Access to the conference site

There is a direct bus service from/to the city center (incl. the central station): the campus Wechloy is the end station of the bus 306 (the bus passes every 15 minutes, the ride to the city center takes 10-15 minutes). Ticket prices (June 2022, no responsibility is taken): single ticket: 2,55€ (can be bought from the bus driver), package of 4 single tickets: 8,40€, 7-days-ticket: 19,40€ (these can be bought at the ticket vending machines „VWG” around the central train station and the big bus stops like Lappan, Schlossplatz, Staustrasse): check the official page of the local bus company VWG for more information.

As an alternative to the bus, one may try one of the e-scooter sharings (TIER or Lime or Bolt), the e-roller sharing (EWE Go) or the bicycle sharing (Oli-Bike) as well as more traditional bicycle rentals (most hotels have bicycles to rent: ask them).

Check the available travel information.

Note that Oldenburg is usually considered as one of the most bicycle friendliest cities in Germany (with ca. 2,2 bicycles per capita), many streets have dedicated bicycles lanes separated from the car traffic and pedestrians), and the city is not very big: the distance between the city center (central train station / pedestrian zone) and the campus Wechloy (which is literally at the city border) is around 3,5 km.


Participants receiving financial support from the organizers will also receive specific instructions concerning their accommodation. All other participants are kindly asked to organize their accommodation by themselves: usual hotel booking sites will help. To have an idea of various locations, here is the map showing the trajectory of the bus 306 between the city center and the campus (the underlying map is taken from Google maps).

We are aware of some conference participants staying at the Hotel Sprenz (reasonably central, 400m to the bus going to the campus), qpartments (close to the central station and the harbour promenade) and B&B Hotel (in front of Sprenz). Further traditional options for university guests include Altera (very central, in the pedestrian zone) and Zum Lindenhof (at 20 minutes walk from the conference site).

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