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Publikationen 2012

Ambroise, H., Steinfeld, G. and Heinemann, D. (2012),
"Evaluation of the impact of atmospheric conditions on wind turbine wake model by using Alpha Ventus wind farm data".

Baulig, P. (2012),
"Wake induced wind turbine loads: Comparison of engineering models with measurement data in the offshore test field alpha ventus", Technical University of Berlin, University of Oldenburg.

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"The relevance of turbulence for wind energy related research".

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"Engineering wake models: A comparison of aeroelastic simulations and measurements in alpha ventus regarding tower loads", Bremen.

Kühn, M. (2012),
"Offshore wind farms", book.

Kühn, M., Gasch, R. and Sundermann, S. (2012),
"Structural dynamics, book.

Schneemann, J., Brickwell, D., Stoevesandt, B., Trujillo, J.J., Trabucchi, D., Steinfeld, G., Wächter, M., Beck, H. and Kühn, M. (2012).
""GW Wakes": Measuring wake effects and wake turbulence characteristics of very large offshore wind farms with synchronized long-range lidar windscanners". DEWEK - German Wind Energy Conference, Bremen.

Schneemann, J., Trabucchi, D., Trujillo, J.J. and Kühn, M. (2012).
"Comparison of measurements of the horizontal wind speed of a 2D multi Lidar and a standard anemometer". The Science of Making Torque from Wind 2012, Oldenburg, 9-11 October.

Schneemann, J., Voss, S., Steinfeld, G., Trabucchi, D., Trujillo, J.J., Witha, B. and Kühn, M. (2012).
"Lidar simulations to study measurements of turbulence in different atmospheric conditions". Euromech Kolloquium 2012, Oldenburg, Germany.

Siltan, M. (2012),
"Impact of Wind Turbine Generator Systems on Electromagnetic Transients of Electrical Networks during Fault Occurrence - Relevant to Grid Integration", Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg.

Trabucchi, D., Schneemann, J., Trujillo, J.J. and Kühn, M. (2012).
"Full-field study of wind turbine wake dynamics by mean of two long-range lidars". The Science of Making Torque from Wind 2012, Oldenburg, Germany, 9-11 October.

Trujillo, J.J., Baulig, P., Beck, H., Conzelmann, M., Kuhnle, B., Rettenmeier, A., Schlipf, D. and Kühn, M. (2012),
"Analysis of wake-induced wind turbine loads", RAVE Conference, Bremerhaven.

Trujillo, J.J., Beck, H. and Kühn, M. (2012).
"Simulation of wake meandering in convective atmosphere with the extended disk-particle model". The Science of Making Torque from Wind, Oldenburg, Germany, 11th of October.

Trujillo, J.J., Trabucchi, D., Schlipf, D. and Kühn, M. (2012).
"Numerical Simulation of Detailed Lidar Measurements in the Near Wake of a Wind Turbine". 16th International Symposium for the Advancement of Boundary Layer Remote Sensing, Boulder, USA, June.

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