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Aktuelle Vortragsthemen und Termine zum Seminar der Abteilung für Zoophysiologie & Verhalten
(jeweils Montag 08.30 bis 10.00 Uhr, Raum: W4 0-098)

Seminar of the Division for Animal Physiology & Behavior: Titles and dates
(each Monday 8:30 am to 10:00 am, Room W4 0-098)

Please note that the seminar takes place as an online meeting until further notice. To participate, please register for course 6.03.016 via StudIP.

Ulrike Langemann
annual laboratory safety instructions


26.10.2020 (online meeting)
Katja Bleckmann
Sharon, G., Kujawa, M., & Chales, L. (2006). Acceleration of agerelated hearing loss by early noise exPosure: evidence of a misspent youth. The Journal of Neuroscience, 26, 2115-2123.

19.10.2020 (online meeting)
Meike Rogalla
Bajo, V. M., Nodal, F. R., Moore, D. R., & King, A. J. (2010). The descending corticocollicular pathway mediates learning-induced auditory plasticity. Nature neuroscience, 13(2), 253-260.

12.10.2020 (online meeting)
Carolin Jüchter
Toscano, J. C., & Lansing, C. R. (2019). Age-related changes in temporal and spectral cue weights in speech. Language and speech, 62(1), 61-79.

05.10.2020 (online meeting)
Sonny Bovee
Li, S., Mecca, A., Kim, J., Caprara, G. A., Wagner, E. L., Du, T. T., Petrov, L., Xu, W., Cui, R., Rebustini, I. T., Kachar, B., Peng, A. W., & Shin, J. B. (2020). Myosin-VIIa is expressed in multiple isoforms and essential for tensioning the hair cell mechanotransduction complex. Nature communications, 11(1), 2066.

28.09.2020 (online meeting)
short presentations of current projects/work (all members of the lab)

21.09.2020 (online meeting)
Katja Bleckmann
Paciello, F., Di Pino, A., Rolesi, R., Troiani, D., Paludetti, G., Grassi, C., & Fetoni, A. R. (2020). Anti-oxidant and anti-inflaMmatory effects of caffeic acid: in vivo evidences in a model of noise-induced hearing loss. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 143, 111555.

14.09.2020 (online meeting)
lab meeting without presentation

07.09.2020 (online meeting)
Carolin Jüchter
Sinnott, J. M., & Mosqueda, S. B. (2003). Effects of aging on speech sound discrimination in the Mongolian gerbil. Ear and hearing, 24(1), 30-37.

31.08.2020 (online meeting)
Sonny Bovee
Wu, P. Z., O'Malley, J. T., de Gruttola, V., & Liberman, M. C. (2020). Age-Related Hearing Loss Is Dominated by Damage to Inner Ear Sensory Cells, Not the Cellular Battery That Powers Them. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 40(33), 6357–6366.

online lab meetings without talks (summer break)

13.07.2020 (online meeting)
Katja Bleckmann
Bailoo, J. D., Murphy, E., Boada-Saña, M., Varholick, J. A., Hintze, S., Baussière, C., . . . Würbel, H. (2018). Effects of Cage Enrichment on Behavior, Welfare and OUtcome Variability in Female Mice. Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience, 12(232). doi:10.3389/fnbeh.2018.00232

06.07.2020 (online meeting)
lab meeting without talk

29.06.2020 (online meeting)
Carolin Jüchter
Sinnott, J. M., & Mosteller, K. W. (2001). A comparative assessment of speech sound discrimination in the Mongolian gerbil. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 110(4), 1729-1732.

22.06.2020 (online meeting)
short presentations of current projects/work (all members of the lab)

15.06.2020 (online meeting)
Sonny Bovee
Nyberg, S., Abbott, N. J., Shi, X., Steyger, P. S., & Dabdoub, A. (2019). Delivery of therapeutics to the inner ear: The challenge of the blood-labyrinth barrier. Science translational medicine, 11(482), eaao0935.

08.06.2020 (online meeting)
Katja Bleckmann
Mzia, Z., Nina, G., Yousef, T., Nadezhda, J., Nino, P., & Nino, L. (2020). BehavioraL and neuroanatomical effects on exposure to White noise in rats. Neuroscience Letters, 134898.

no seminar (Whit Monday)

25.05.2020 (online meeting)
Carolin Jüchter
Schebesch, G., Lingner, A., Firzlaff, U., Wiegrebe, L., & Grothe, B. (2010). Perception and neural representation of size-variant human vowels in the Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus). Hearing research, 261(1), 1-8.

18.05.2020 (online meeting)
Gesa Feenders
The tops and bottoms of attention

11.05.2020 (online meeting)
Ulrike Langemann
Unterweisung und Hinweise zum Sonderbetrieb unter Corona Bedingungen
Instructions and notes on special operation under Corona conditions

04.05.2020 (online meeting)
Sonny Bovee
Majumder, P., Blacker, T. S., Nolan, L. S., Duchen, M. R., & Gale, J. E. (2019). Multiphoton NAD(P)H FLIM reveals metabolic changes in individual cell types of the intact cochlea upon sensorineural hearing loss. Scientific Reports, 9(1), 18907.

27.04.2020 (online meeting)
Ulrike Langemann
A case study on Kaplan-Meier survival analysis

20.04.2020 (online meeting)
lab meeting without talk

lab meetings without talk (summer break)

23.03.2020 - 13.04.2020
cancelled due to corona crisis

lab meeting without talk!

Katja Bleckmann
Ohlemiller, K. K., & Gagnon, P. M. (2007). Genetic dependence of cochlear cells and structures injured by noise. Hearing research, 224(1), 34-50.

Henning Oet..jen
Schomann, T., Ramekers, D., De Groot, J. C., Van Der Ploeg, C. H., Hendriksen, F. G., Böhringer, S., . . . Huisman, M. A. (2018). Ouabain Does Not Induce Selective Spiral Ganglion Cell Degeneration in Guinea Pigs. BioMed research international, 2018.

Best of ARO 2020 (ARO participants)

Sonny Bovee
Yamada, S., Islam, M. S., van Kooten, N., Bovee, S., Oh, Y.-M., Tsujimura, A., . . . Tanaka, M. (2020). Neuropeptide Y neurons in the nucleus accumbens modulate anxiety-like behavior. Experimental Neurology, 327, 113216.

Marianna Anichini
Investigating animals in acoustic interactions: two cases of study

27.01.2020 / 03.02.2020
lab meetings without talk

Katja Bleckmann
Liu, H., Li, G., Lu, J., Gao, Y.-G., Song, L., Li, G.-L., & Wu, H. (2019). Cellular Differences in the Cochlea of CBA and B6 Mice May Underlie Their Difference in Susceptibility to HearinG Loss. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 13(60).

ARO poster presentations (ARO participants)

short presentations of current projects/work (all members of the lab)

Sonny Bovee
Kuhl, A., Dixon, A., Hali, M., Apawu, A. K., Muca, A., Sinan, M., . . . Genene Holt, A. (2019). Novel QUEST MRI In Vivo Measurement of Noise-induced Oxidative Stress in the Cochlea. Sci Rep, 9(1), 16265.

Jannis Hildebrandt
S1 safety instructions (9:15 am)
Meike Rogalla

Ulrike Langemann
annual laboratory safety instructions

Henning Oetjen
Lai, J., Sommer, A. L., & Bartlett, E. L. (2017). Age-related changes in envelope-following responses at equalized peripheral or central activation. Neurobiology of Aging, 58, 191-200.

short presentations of current projects/work (all members of the lab)

Katja Bleckmann
Le Prell, C. G., Hughes, L. F., & Miller, J. M. (2007). Free radical scavengeRs vitamins A, C, and E plus magnesium reduce noise trauma. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 42(9), 1454-1463.

Amarins Heeringa
Type I afferent auditory nerve fiber classification in gerbil

Gesa Feenders
Motion detection in starlings

Henning Oetjen
Verschooten, E., Shamma, S., Oxenham, A. J., Moore, B. C. J., Joris, P. X., Heinz, M. G., & Plack, C. J. (2019). The upper frequency limit for the use of phase locking to code temporal fine structure in humans: A compilation of viewpoints. Hearing Research, 377, 109-121.

Meike Rogalla
Report of lab visit at University of Salamanca: Stimulus specific adaptation in the rodent IC

Sonny Bovee
Calhoun, J. B. (1973). Death squared: the explosive growth and demise of a mouse population. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 66(1 Pt 2), 80-88.

lab meeting without talk

short presentations of current projects/work (all members of the lab)

lab meeting without talk

Rainer Beutelmann
What the hum ...

Katja Bleckmann
Behavioral assessment of the hearing perfOrmance in different strains of mice (Probevortrag Groningen)
Sonny Bovee
Inner hair cell anatomy of gerbils in relation to perception (Probevortrag Groningen)

Sonny Bovee
Deng, X., Liu, Z., Li, X., Zhou, Y., & Hu, Z. (2019). Generation of new hair cells by DNA methyltransferase (Dnmt) inhibitor 5-azacytidine in a chemically-deafened mouse model. Scientific Reports, 9(1), 7997.

public holiday (Whit Monday)

Ulrike Langemann
The pattern in nonsense - European starlings sort out logatome syllables

Sandra Tolnai

Henning Oetjen
Hao, W., Wang, Q., Li, L., Qiao, Y., Gao, Z., Ni, D., & Shang, Y. (2018). Effects of Phase-Locking Deficits on Speech Recognition in Older Adults With Presbycusis. Frontiers in aging neuroscience, 10, 397. doi:

short presentations of current projects/work (all members of the lab)

Sonny Bovee
van Zwieten, G., Janssen, M. L. F., Smit, J. V., Janssen, A. M. L., Roet, M., Jahanshahi, A., . . . Temel, Y. (2018). Inhibition of Experimental Tinnitus With High Frequency Stimulation of the Rat Medial Geniculate Body. Neuromodulation.

Sandra Tolnai
Sumner, C. J., Wells, T. T., Bergevin, C., Sollini, J., Kreft, H. A., Palmer, A. R., . . . Shera, C. A. (2018). Mammalian behavior and physiology converge to confirm sharper cochlear tuning in humans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(44), 11322-11326.

Katja Bleckmann
Reif, R., Zhi, Z., Dziennis, S., Nuttall, A. L., & Wang, R. K. (2013). ChangEs in cochlear blood flow in mice due to loud sound exposure measured with Doppler optical microangiography and laser Doppler flowmetry. Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery, 3(5), 235-242.

Katja Bleckmann
Parham, K., Sohal, M., Petremann, M., Romanet, C., Broussy, A., Tran Van Ba, C., & Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen, J. (2019). Noise-induced trauma produces a temporal pattern of chanGe in blood levels of the outer hair cell biomarker prestin. Hearing Research, 371, 98-104.

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