Prof. Dr. Georg Martin Klump


Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg 
Fakultät VI - Medizin und Gesundheitswissenschaften
Dept. für Neurowissenschaften
Abteilung für Zoophysiologie & Verhalten
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße 9-11
26129 Oldenburg

Zufahrtswege zur Universität Oldenburg


Aktuelle Vortragsthemen und Termine zum Seminar der Abteilung für Zoophysiologie & Verhalten
Termin: Montag 08.30 bis 10.00 Uhr, Raum: W4 0-098

Seminar of the division Animal Physiology and Behaviour
Monday 8:30-10:00 am, Room W04 0-098

Please note that the seminar takes place as an online meeting until further notice. Please register for course 6.03.016 via StudIP to participate in the online meetings!

no talk (ARO conference Orlando)

all members of the lab
short presentation of current work/project

ARO participants
Poster Presentation

Katja Bleckmann
Fetoni, A. R., Pisani, A., Rolesi, R., Paciello, F., Viziano, A., Moleti, A., . . . Grassi, C. (2022). Early Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Accelerates Presbycusis Altering Aging Processes in the Cochlea. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 14. doi.org/10.3389/fnagi.2022.803973

Carolin Jüchter
Ter-Mikaelian, M., Semple, M. N., & Sanes, D. H. (2013). Effects of spectral and temporal disruption on cortical encoding of gerbil vocalizations. Journal of Neurophysiology, 110(5), 1190-1204. doi.org/10.1152/jn.00645.2012

Sonny Bovee
Vlajkovic, S. M., & Thorne, P. R. (2022). Purinergic Signalling in the Cochlea. Int J Mol Sci, 23(23). doi.org/10.3390/ijms232314874

Katja  Bleckmann
Wild, U., Shaw, D. M., & Erren, T. C. (2022). Avoiding a crisis at Christmas: a systematic review of adverse health effects or ‘Chrishaps’ caused by traditional hazard sources and COVID-19. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 46(1), 32-35. doi.org/10.1111/1753-6405.13207

Carolin Jüchter
Tziridis, K., & Schulze, H. (2022). Preventive Effects of Ginkgo-Extract EGb 761(®) on Noise Trauma-Induced Cochlear Synaptopathy. Nutrients, 14(15). doi.org/10.3390/nu14153015

Ulrike Langemann
Lab security and S1 instructions

Sonny Bovee
Yu, Y., Shi, K., Nielson, C., Graham, E. M., Price, M. S., Haller, T. J., Carraro, M., Firpo, M. A., Park, A. H., & Harrison, R. V. (2022). Hearing loss caused by CMV infection is correlated with reduced endocochlear potentials caused by strial damage in murine models. Hear Res, 417, 108454. doi.org/10.1016/j.heares.2022.108454

all members of the lab
short presentation of current work/projects

Katja Bleckmann
Milon, B., Mitra, S., Song, Y., Margulies, Z., Casserly, R., Drake, V., Mong, J. A., Depireux, D. A., & Hertzano, R. (2018). The impact of biological sex on the response to noise and otoprotective therapies against acoustic injury in mice. Biology of Sex Differences, 9(1), 12. doi.org/10.1186/s13293-018-0171-0

Carolin Jüchter
Grimm, J., Schulze, H., & Tziridis, K. (2022). Circadian Sensitivity of Noise Trauma-Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in Mongolian Gerbils. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 16. doi.org/10.3389/fnins.2022.830703

Sonny Bovee
Wright, A., Forge, A., & Jagger, D. J. (2022). Structural changes in the human stria vascularis induced by aminoglycosides and loop diuretics. Hear Res, 426, 108626. doi.org/10.1016/j.heares.2022.108626

Rainer Beutelmann
Research data management

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