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Dept. für Neurowissenschaften
Abteilung für Zoophysiologie & Verhalten
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße 9-11
26129 Oldenburg

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Aktuelle Vortragsthemen und Termine zum Seminar der Abteilung für Zoophysiologie & Verhalten
Termin: Montag 08.30 bis 10.00 Uhr, Raum: W4 0-098

Seminar of the division Animal Physiology and Behaviour
Monday 8:30-10:00 am, Room W04 0-098

Please note that the seminar takes place as an online meeting until further notice. Please register for course 6.03.016 via StudIP to participate in the online meetings!

The coming weeks we will try a new format for our group seminar, it will be a journal club-style discussion in which everyone reads the same paper and then comes together to discuss about the findings, methods used, and any questions or comments that arose during the reading.

Sonny Bovee (Journal Club)

short presentations (everyone)

Dogus Ulukuz
Presentation of research module

safety instructions
room W04 0-098 (!)

Carolin Jüchter (Journal Club)
Sabesan, S., Fragner, A., Bench, C., Drakopoulos, F., & Lesica, N. A. (2023). Large-scale electrophysiology and deep learning reveal distorted neural signal dynamics after hearing loss. eLife, 12, e85108. doi.org/10.7554/eLife.85108

Katja Bleckmann (Journal Club)
Moverman, D. J., Liberman, L. D., Kraemer, S., Corfas, G., & Liberman, M. C. (2023). Ultrastructure of noise-induced cochlear synaptopathy. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 19456. doi.org/10.1038/s41598-023-46859-6

Sonny Bovee (Journal Club)
Kaur, C., Wu, P.-Z., O’Malley, J. T., & Liberman, M. C. (2023). Predicting atrophy of the cochlear stria vascularis from the shape of the threshold audiogram. The Journal of Neuroscience, JN-RM-1138-1123. doi.org/10.1523/jneurosci.1138-23.2023

all: short presentation of current projects

Carolin Jüchter (Journal Club)
Parida, S., & Heinz, M. G. (2022). Distorted Tonotopy Severely Degrades Neural Representations of Connected Speech in Noise following Acoustic Trauma. The Journal of Neuroscience, 42(8), 1477-1490. doi.org/10.1523/jneurosci.1268-21.2021

Katja Bleckmann (Journal Club)
Wang, X., Han, Y., Chen, F., Wang, M., Xiao, Y., Wang, H., Xu, L., & Liu, W. (2022). Glutathione Peroxidase 1 Protects Against Peroxynitrite-Induced Spiral Ganglion Neuron Damage Through Attenuating NF-κB Pathway Activation [Original Research]. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 16. doi.org/10.3389/fncel.2022.841731

Sonny Bovee (Journal Club)
Lang, H., Noble, K. V., Barth, J. L., Rumschlag, J. A., Jenkins, T. R., Storm, S. L., Eckert, M. A., Dubno, J. R., & Schulte, B. A. (2023). The Stria Vascularis in Mice and Humans Is an Early Site of Age-Related Cochlear Degeneration, Macrophage Dysfunction, and Inflammation. The Journal of Neuroscience, 43(27), 5057-5075. doi.org/10.1523/jneurosci.2234-22.2023

all: short presentation of current projects

no paper presentation

Katja Bleckmann (Journal Club)
Suthakar, K., & Liberman, M. C. (2022). Noise masking in cochlear synaptopathy: auditory brainstem response vs. auditory nerve response in mouse. Journal of Neurophysiology, 127(6), 1574-1585. doi.org/10.1152/jn.00402.2021

all members of the lab
short presentation of current work/project

Georg Klump (Journal Club)
Harris, K. C., Dias, J. W., McClaskey, C. M., Rumschlag, J., Prisciandaro, J., & Dubno, J. R. (2022). Afferent Loss, GABA, and Central Gain in Older Adults: Associations with Speech Recognition in Noise. The Journal of Neuroscience, 42(38), 7201-7212. doi.org/10.1523/jneurosci.0242-22.2022

Sonny Bovee (Journal Club)
Grierson, K. E., Hickman, T. T., & Liberman, M. C. (2022). Dopaminergic and cholinergic innervation in the mouse cochlea after noise-induced or age-related synaptopathy. Hear Res, 422, 108533. doi.org/10.1016/j.heares.2022.108533

Carolin Jüchter (Journal Club)
Lang, H., Jyothi, V., Smythe, N. M., Dubno, J. R., Schulte, B. A., & Schmiedt, R. A. (2010). Chronic reduction of endocochlear potential reduces auditory nerve activity: further confirmation of an animal model of metabolic presbyacusis. J Assoc Res Otolaryngol, 11(3), 419-434. doi.org/10.1007/s10162-010-0214-7

no seminar (Whit Monday)

Sonny Bovee (Journal Club)
Eckert, M. A., Harris, K. C., Lang, H., Lewis, M. A., Schmiedt, R. A., Schulte, B. A., Steel, K. P., Vaden, K. I., Jr., & Dubno, J. R. (2021). Translational and interdisciplinary insights into presbyacusis: A multidimensional disease. Hear Res, 402, 108109. doi.org/10.1016/j.heares.2020.108109

Georg Klump (Journal Club)
Vaden, K. I., Jr., Eckert, M. A., Matthews, L. J., Schmiedt, R. A., & Dubno, J. R. (2022). Metabolic and Sensory Components of Age-Related Hearing Loss. J Assoc Res Otolaryngol, 23(2), 253-272. doi.org/10.1007/s10162-021-00826-y

Katja Bleckmann (Journal Club)
Michanski, S., Kapoor, R., Steyer, A. M., Möbius, W., Früholz, I., Ackermann, F., Gültas, M., Garner, C. C., Hamra, F. K., Neef, J., Strenzke, N., Moser, T., & Wichmann, C. (2022). Piccolino regulates the architecture of the ribbon at cochlear inner hair cell synapses. bioRxiv, 2022.2012.2015.520589. https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.12.15.520589

no seminar - Labour Day

short presentation (all members of our group)

Carolin Jüchter (Journal Club)
Reavis, K. M., Bisgaard, N., Canlon, B., Dubno, J. R., Frisina, R. D., Hertzano, R., Humes, L. E., Mick, P., Phillips, N. A., Pichora-Fuller, M. K., Shuster, B., & Singh, G. (2023). Sex-Linked Biology and Gender-Related Research Is Essential to Advancing Hearing Health. Ear Hear, 44(1), 10-27. doi.org/10.1097/aud.0000000000001291

no seminar - Easter Monday

Sonny Bovee (Journal Club)
Kim, J., & Ricci, A. J. (2022). In vivo real-time imaging reveals megalin as the aminoglycoside gentamicin transporter into cochlea whose inhibition is otoprotective. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(9), e2117946119. https://doi.org/doi:10.1073/pnas.2117946119

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