Moritz Held

Angewandte Neurokognitive Psychologie

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Moritz Held (M.Sc.)

Research Interests

Modeling driving and cognitive load

As autonomous or heavily assisted driving is becoming a realistic near-future scenario, it is important to ensure that human and machine are cooperating properly in critical driving situations. In this project I am developing a cognitive model to investigate the effects of cognitive load on decision making strategies in cooperative human machine systems while driving. This project is in close collaboration with Dr. Jelmer Borst of the department for Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.


Held, M., Rieger, J. W., & Borst, J. P. (2022). Multitasking While Driving: Central Bottleneck or Problem State Interference? Human Factors. https://doi.org/10.1177/00187208221143857


  • Joint PhD Degree between the Applied Neurocognitive Psychology Lab (University of Oldenburg) and the Artificial Intelligence Department (University of Groningen): 08.2020 - present 
    • Supervisor: Dr. Jelmer Borst, Prof. Jochem Rieger
  • M. Sc. Neurocognitive Psychology, University of Oldenburg: 10.2017 – 08.2020
    • Thesis: Utilizing ACT-R to investigate Interactions between Working Memory and Visuospatial Attention in fNIRS while Driving
  • B. Sc. Psychology, MSH Hamburg: 10.2014 – 09.2017


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