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This package allows to calculate the fixation index Gst (Nei, 1973) and the differentiation index D (Jost, 2008) pairwise between or averaged over several populations. P-values, stating the significance of differentiation, and 95 percent confidence intervals can be estimated using bootstrap resamplings. In the case that more than two populations are compared pairwise, the p-values are adjusted by bonferroni correction and in several other ways due to the multiple comparison from one data set.

The package can be requested from the authors or downloaded on


Gerlach, G., Jüterbock, A., Krämer, P., Deppermann, J. & Harmand, P., 2010: Calculations of population differentiation based on GST and D: Forget GST but not the statistics! Molecular Ecology 19: 3845-3852.


Functions to calculate pairwise relatedness on diploid genetic datasets. Different estimators for relatedness can be combined with information on geographical distances. Information on heterozygosity, allele- and genotype diversity as well as genetic F-statistics are provided for each population.

The package can be requested from the authors or downloaded on


Kraemer, P. & Gerlach, G. (2017). Demerelate: Functions to calculate relatedness on diploid genetic data. R package version 0.9-2.

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