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Research Center Neurosensory Science
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26111 Oldenburg

Dr. Nina Gaßmann

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Küpkersweg 74, 26129 Oldenburg
(Campus Wechloy - NeSSy, 3rd floor, room 316)

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Divisions and working groups

Research topics

Members of the RCNS

The following list shows alphabetically the members of the Research Center Neurosensory Science.

By 'clicking' on the name or the working group you will be directed to the e-mail address of the person or to the website of the working group. Further information in a highly condensed form about the respective scientist can be found in the relevant personal description


  • Anemüller, Jörn, Dr.
    working group Statistical Modelling


  • , Carsten, Dr. med. -> STECKBRIEF
    Senior physician at the University Clinic for Anesthesiology, Intensive Care/Emergency Medicine and Pain Therapy at Klinikum Oldenburg
  • , Rainer, Dr. 
    Division Animal Physiology and Behavior
  • Bräuer, Anja, Prof. Dr. -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Anatomy


  • , Hans, Prof. Dr.  -> STECKBRIEF
    formerly Division Cognitive Psychology / Models and Methods


  • , Adele, Prof. Dr.
    working group psychology
    Jacobs University Bremen
  • Dietz, Mathias, Prof. Dr.
    Division Physiology and Modelling auditory Perception
  • Doclo, Simon, Prof. Dr. ir. -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Signal processing


  • Feudel, Ulrike, Prof. Dr.
    working group Theoretical Physics


  • Gerkmann, Timo, Prof. Dr.
    working group Signal processing at the University Hamburg
  • Gerlach, Gabrielle, Prof. Dr.
    working group Biodiversity and animal Evolution
  • Gießing, Carsten, Dr. 
    Division Biological Psychology
  • Greschner, Martin, Prof. Dr.
    Division Visual Neuroscience
  • , Ulf, PD Dr. med.
    Senior physician at the University Clinic for Anesthesiology, Intensive Care/Emergency Medicine and Pain Therapy at Klinikum Oldenburg


  • , Anna-Maria, Dr.
    Division Neurogenetics
  • Heep, Axel, Prof. Dr. med.
    working group Paediatrics and Director der Universitätsklinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin at Klinikum Oldenburg

  • Hein, Andreas, Prof. Dr.-Ing. -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Assistance Systems and Medical Technology

  • Herrmann, Christof, Prof. Dr.-Ing. -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Experimental Psychology
  • , Dominik, Dr. 
    Working group Neurosensory
  • Hildebrandt, Andrea, Prof. Dr.
    Division Psychological Methods and Statistics

  • Hohmann, Volker, Prof. Dr. -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Auditory Signal Processing
  • , Florian, Prof. Dr. med.
    Director of the Clinic for Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases and Plastic Operations at Klinikum Oldenburg
  • Hurlemann, René, Prof. Dr. Dr.
    division "Psychiatry and psychotherapy" and Director of the Universitätsklinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie (Karl-Jaspers-Klinik )


  • Janssen-Bienhold, Ulrike, apl. Prof. Dr. 
    formerly Division Visual Neuroscience
  • , Tim, Prof. Dr.
    working group Auditory Signal Processing
    Technische Hochschule Lübeck


  • Klump, Georg, Prof. Dr.  -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Animal Physiology and Behavior
  • Koch, Karl-Wilhelm, Prof. Dr.  -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Biochemistry of Signal Transduction/Neurosensory Processes
  • Köppl, Christine, Prof. Dr. -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Cochlea / Brainstem Physiology
  • Kollmeier, Birger, Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Medical Physics
  • Kranczioch, Cornelia Dr.  -> STECKBRIEF
    Emmy Noether Junior Rearch Group "Neurocognition of Temporal Attention"
  • Kretzberg, Jutta, Prof. Dr. 
    Division Computational Neuroscience


  • Langemann, Ulrike, Dr. 
    Division Animal Physiology and Behavior
  • Lienau, Christoph, Prof. Dr.
    working group Ultrafast nano-optics
  • Lücke, Jörg, Prof. Dr.
    Division Mashine Learning


  • , Christian, PD Dr. med.
    Chief physician at Institut für Radiologie und Neuroradiologie at Evangelischen Krankenhaus Oldenburg
  • Mauermann, Manfred, Dr. 
    working group Otoacoustic emissions - principles
  • Meyer, Bernd, Prof. Dr.
    Division Communikation Acoustics
  • Milenkovic, Ivan, Prof. Dr.
    Division Physiology
  • Mouritsen, Henrik, Prof. Dr.
    Working group Neurosensory



  • , Jale Nur, Dr.
    Division Biological Psychology
  • Owczarek-Lipska, Marta, Dr.
    Junior Research Group Genetics of childhood brain malformations


  • , Jürgen, Prof. Dr.
    formerly working group Energy- and Semiconductorresearch
  • Poppe, Björn, Prof. Dr. -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Medical Radiation Physics
  • Puller, Christian, Dr.
    Division Visual Neuroscience


  • Raap, Ulrike, Prof. Dr. med.
    Division of Experimental Allergy and Immunodermatology and Director of the Universitätsklinik für Dermatologie und Allergologie
  • Radeloff, Andreas, Prof. Dr. med.
    Director of the Universitätsklinik für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde at Evangelisches Krankenhaus Oldenburg
  • , Christiane, Prof. Dr.
    formerly Division Molecular Neurobiology / Neurochemistry
  • Rieger, Jochem, Prof. Dr.  -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Applied Neurocognitive Psychology


  • Schiek, Manuela, apl. Prof. Dr. -> STECKBRIEF
    working group  Experimental Solid State Physics, Energy and Semiconductor Research
  • , Rüdiger, Dr. med.
    Chief Physician Division for Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology at Evangelisches Krankenhaus Oldenburg
  • Schrader, Stefan, Prof. Dr. Dr. med.
    Division Experimental Ophtalmology and Director der Universitätsklinik für Augenheilkunde at PIUS Hospital Oldenburg
  • , Ulrike, Dr. 
    Division Cochlea / Brainstem Physiology
  • Solovyeva, Vita, Dr.
    Institut of Physiks
  • Solov'yov, Ilia, Prof. Dr.
    Quantum Biology and Computational Physics Group
  • Sörös, Peter, Dr. ->
    working group Neurology and Universitätsklinik für Neurologie am Evangelisches Krankenhaus Oldenburg
  • Strüber, Daniel, apl. Prof. Dr.  -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Experimental Psychology
  • , Benedikt, Dr. med.
    Institut für Radiologie und Neuroradiologie am Evangelischen Krankenhaus in Oldenburg


  • Thiel, Christiane, Prof. Dr.  -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Biological Psychology


  • Uppenkamp, Stefan, PD Dr.  -> STECKBRIEF
    Division Functional imaging of human auditory system


  • van de Par, Steven Prof. Dr. 
    Division Acoustics
  • Verhulst, Sarah, Prof. Dr.
    University Gent (Belgien)


  • , Reto, Prof. Dr.
    formerly Division Neurobiology
  • , Andreas, Prof. Dr. med. -> STECKBRIEF
    formerly Director University Clinic for Anesthesiology, Intensive Care/Emergency Medicine and Pain Therapy at Klinikum Oldenburg 


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