Prof. Dr. Meinhard Simon


Fax: +49-(0)441-798-3438


Universität Oldenburg, Campus Wechloy
Raum: W15 1-134
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße 9-11
26129 Oldenburg

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An folgenden Projekten wird bzw. wurde von Mitarbeitern der Arbeitsgruppe geforscht. Für weitere Informationen folgen Sie bitte dem Link des jeweiligen Projekts.

Abgeschlossene Forschungsprojekte

Ecology, Physiology and Molecular Biology of the Roseobacter clade: Towards a System Biology Understanding of a Globally Important Clade of marine Bacteria (Transregional Collaborative Research Centre, SFB/TRR51, DFG, 2018-2021).

Biogeography and functional diversity of Bacteroidetes in Antarctic marine habitats (DFG).

Algal-Bacterial Interactions and Aggregation: Implications for the Plankton Succession in Neritic Seas of the Temperate Zone in the Course of Climate Change (DFG: 2007-2010, Associated to the Special Priority Program AQUASHIFT)

Projekte innerhalb der Forschergruppe BioGeoChemie des Watts (Wattenmeer):

  • Event-Driven Cycling of Matter and Transfer Processes in the Water Column of the Wadden Sea: Coupling of Microbiological, Sedimentological and Geochemical Processes (DFG, 2007-2009)
  • Microbial Colonization and Turnover of Organic Matter on Suspended Matter in the Wadden Sea and Biogeochemical Interactions with the Sediment and Bulk Water (DFG, 2001-2007). 

Metagenomics & Environmental Genomics of Uncultured Photosynthetic and Non-Photosynthetic Marine Roseobacter (Volkswagen Foundation, Lower Saxony, 2007-2010, in Collaboration with Dr. Oded Beja, Department of Biology, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. beja[at]tx.technion.ac.il)

Genome Sequencing of Bacteria of the Roseobacter Clade (Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation) in Collaboration with Dr. Boris Wawrik (Rutgers State University, Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences, New jersey, USA; bwawrik[at]yahoo.com)

Comparative Functional Genome Analysis of Representative Members of the Roseobacter Clade (Volkswagen Foundation, Lower-Saxony, 2007-2010)

Bacterial Decomposition of Recalcitrant Dissolved Organic Matter in Estuarine Systems (DFG: 2005-2007)

Community Composition of the Bacterioplanktons in the Southern Ocean (DFG, 2004-2008, Special Priority Program Research in Antarctica and Adjacent Polar Regions)  

Decomposition of Recalcitrant Dissolved Organic Matter in Coastal Zones: Bacterial Diversity and Catabolic Pathways (EU-Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship Awarded to Dr. Veljo Kisand)

Significance of Particle-Associated Marine Bacteria Producing Secondary Metabolites (Volkswagen Foundation, Lower Saxony).

Dynamics of Particle-Associated and Freely Suspended Bacterial Communities in the Weser Estuary, Germany (DFG).

Cycling of Matter and Composition of the Bacterioplankton Community in the Southern Ocean (DFG).

Bacterial Decomposition of Recalcitrant Dissolved Organic Matter in Limnetic Ecosystems (DFG).

Structural and Functional Relationships of the Bacterioplankton in the Gulf of Aqaba/Red Sea (DFG).

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