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Hanse Lectures in Neurosciences am Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg mit Frau Prof. Höhle

Lecture: “First language acquisition: Early steps and later achievements
Prof. Dr. Barbara Höhle
University of Potsdam, Research Cluster of Excellence “Cognitive Sciences”, Postdam, Germany

The speaker is Professor for Psycholinguistics/Language Acquisition and the director of the Research Cluster of Excellence “Cognitive Sciences”.

Research in the recent decades has accumulated numerous findings suggesting a surprisingly fast acquisition of phonological and syntactic properties of language in young infants. In my talk, I will give an overview on findings that suggest a close interaction of perceptual biases and properties of the ambient language as driving this early acquisition. Furthermore, I will provide evidence for continuity between the earliest steps in the acquisition of language-specific knowledge and language performance that children show across toddlerhood and preschool age.

Lecture and discussion from 7:00 pm until approximately 8:00 pm
followed by dinner and informal discussion in the HWK Bistro.

The lecture is open to everybody, but registration is required for this event (by replying to ) Please reply to this email by October 19  if you would like to attend.

27.10.2016 19:00 – 21:00

HWK Lecture Hall

Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Delmenhorst

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