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Hanse Lectures in Neurosciences: “Of Mice and Men - Chemosensory Mechanisms of Conspecific Communication”

Lecture: “Of Mice and Men - Chemosensory Mechanisms of Conspecific Communication”
Prof. Dr. Marc Spehr
Chemosensation Lab, Institute for Biology, RWTH Aachen, Germany

In most mammals, conspecific chemical communication controls complex behaviors. Information about individuality, social and reproductive status is conveyed by an elusive class of chemical cues – pheromones. The highly reproducible character of pheromone responses offers a unique opportunity to uncover the neuronal basis of genetically programmed behavior. Despite its fundamental significance, however, the basic chemosensory mechanisms of social communication remain largely unknown. To address these issues, my laboratory has developed a multi-faceted approach to uncover the mechanisms underlying mammalian pheromone sensing. Our research focuses on the molecular and cellular architecture of chemosensory communication in conspecific mammals – an interdisciplinary field of neurobiology. Combining molecular, biochemical, (electro)physiological, and live-cell imaging methods, as well as behavioral techniques in wildtype and mutant mouse models, we challenge existing models of signal transduction in the olfactory system, analyze the principle coding logic of pheromone detection, and, thus, shed light on the neurophysiological basis of social behavior.

Lecture and discussion from 7:00 pm until approximately 8:00 pm
followed by dinner and informal discussion in the HWK Bistro.

The lecture is open to everybody, but registration is required for this event (by replying to ).

19.11.2015 19:00 – 20:00

Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Delmenhorst

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