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Online learning environment C3LLO

Online Teaching and Learning Programme

Shaping the future of online education

The fully online, international Online Teaching and Learning Certificate Programme has been designed specifically for working adults. Our students complete their certificate and extend their professional skills and competencies in realising online and blended learning solutions without interrupting their careers.

There are two Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) programmes (Basics of Online Teaching and Learning, Media and Trends in Online Teaching and Learning), each comprised of two course modules. This means that you can complete a certificate within two semesters. CAS availability will be published in the semester handbook of course modules.

At a glance: Online Teaching and Learning Certificate

University CAS; recognition as online teacher

April and October

Admission requirements

12 credit points in two semesters

Study format
Fully Online

900 Euro per course module


What you learn today, you can apply tomorrow.

Led by international instructors, mentors, and experts in the field of online and distance learning (ODL), you will acquire the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to apply to your professional context. The Online Teaching and Learning certificate programme is both flexible and accessible. Course modules are offered entirely online over the internet, and asynchronous and synchronous online classroom discussions allow you to determine the pace of your studies according to your professional and personal needs.

As a certificate holder, you will be able to:

  • Draw from a strong foundation of theory and knowledge of online and distance learning (ODL) and apply it within your professional context
  • Function effectively as leader, manager, and team member within an ODL organisation
  • Design, implement, and assess the necessary support services for online learning programmes
  • Demonstrate a broad and deep understanding of international and transnational issues impacting online learning today

Additional benefits include:

International Instructional Teams

Instructional teams are composed of international and well-known researchers and scholars within the field of TEL and online and distance learning. Your instructors are faculty members at prominent institutions of higher education and distance learning, as well as of professional organizations, around the world.

Flexible and Mobile Learning

You want a programme that is not only international and multidisciplinary, but also one that has the flexibility for you to study part-time. The fully online certificate programme is accessible over the internet, and the C3LLO App for Android and iOS offers full mobile access, thus giving you the ability to access class anytime and anywhere.

Individual and Contextual Study Content

In the CAS programme, you will be challenged to critically analyze the concepts and issues you encounter in their readings, relating and applying these to your own professional experiences. Course learning activities resemble real-world contexts as much as possible, so that you can apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills in practical and authentic situations.

Self-Directed and Self-Determined

A constructivist pedagogy is central to our instructional approach and takes into consideration the specific needs of adult learners: flexibility, accessibility, and the ability to formulate own learning goals and objectives. Self-directed, self-regulated, and self-determined learning approaches give you freedom of choice in exploring research topics and allow you to draw on your individual knowledge, experience, and interests.

Transfer from Theory to Practice

You will realize new competencies and skills through a balanced combination of programme curriculum, learning activities, and practitioner experience contributed by the instructional teams, visiting experts, and fellow students. Your instructors create continuous connections between course topics and actual practice in the workplace, while course discussions and assignments establish the links between theoretical foundations and the real-world practice of ODL professionals. What you learn in the classroom today, you can apply in your professional context tomorrow.

Connection to a Worldwide Network of Scholars and Researchers

Our instructors and visiting experts serve on a variety of editorial and advisory boards of international scholarly journals within the fields of educational technology, open educational resources, and ODL – thus connecting you to a global network of professionals, scholars, and researchers.

Personalised Support

C3L offers personalised support in order to ensure your success while a student in the online OTL programme. Instructional teams include dedicated mentors who provide ongoing support students throughout the semester, and the program director is available to answer your questions and provide you with professional guidance as needed. In addition, our C3LLO team provides personalised technical support and can be contacted directly by e-mail or telephone.

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