Prof. Dr. Sven Doye

Stellvertretender Sprecher

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Beckhaus


Low-coordinated Germanium and Silicon Compounds for Chemical Bond Activation

The research of our group focus on the synthesis and characterization of unusual Main Group element compounds, in particular organoelement species of the Group 14 elements Silicon, Germanium and Tin. The proposed research project aims at the use of low coordinated Germanium and Silicon compounds in bond activation reactions. It is planned to apply cations and / or carbene analogues of silicon and germanium for the activation of C-F, Si-H and C-H bonds. This project demands high preparative skills and experience with the handling of reactive and air sensitive compounds. Interest in hetero nuclei NMR spectroscopy and in use of modern quantum mechanical methods is mandatory. Further inquiries regarding the project can be directed to Prof. T. Müller (). Examples for actual research projects are found in recent publications of the research group (https://uol.de/en/chemistry/inorganic-chemistry-mueller/publications/journals/).

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