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2023-12-06 17:00:00 ct in W15 1-146 (Hybrid, join online by https://meeting.uol.de/b/mat-4m2-j9y)

"Towards AI-assisted Holistic Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring & Management"
Dr. Frederic Stahl, DFKI Oldenburg
invited by Prof. Dr. Thomas Badewien

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Upcoming and past colloquia

WiSe 2023/2024

LocationTopic, SpeakerInvited by
2023-12-06 17:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
"Towards AI-assisted Holistic Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring & Management"
Dr. Frederic Stahl, DFKI Oldenburg
Prof. Dr. Thomas Badewien
2023-12-13 17:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
Microbiological Colloquium
“Expedition "Arcwatch" to the central Arctic Ocean: biology, physics and chemistry from surface to seafloor”
Matthias Wietz (MPI for Marine Microbiology, Bremen)
Lars Wöhlbrand
2024-01-10 17:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
Microbiological Colloquium
tba (tba) tba
2024-01-17 17:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
„Environmental boundary conditions of Quaternary cold water coral cosystems"
PD Dr. Jacek Raddatz , Goethe University Frankfurt
Dr. Thorben Struve
2024-01-24 17:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
Microbiological Colloquium
“Understanding microbial parasitic/multi-parasitic interactions in the aquatic food web”
Maliheh Mehrshad (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala)
Sarahi Garcia
2024-02-01 12:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
„Into the deep : M icrobial nitrogen cycling in the twilight ocean"
Dr. Mar Fernandez Mendez , Alfred Wegener Institute , Bremerhaven
Prof. Dr. Helmut Hillebrand

Past Events:

2023-10-26 12:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
„Microbial interactions in the pelagic world“
Prof. Dr. Sarahi Garcia, ICBM
Dr. Thorsten Brinkhoff
2023-11-08 17:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
Analysis of microplastics in environmental and food samples through a combination of optical and FTIR and Raman microspectroscopy enhanced by Machine Learning evaluation.
Dr. Dieter Fischer (Leibniz Institut für Polymerforschung, Dresden)
Dr. Barbara Scholz-Böttcher
2023-11-15 17:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
Microbiological Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Jan de Vries, University of Göttingen, Institute for Microbiology and Genetics
Inferences of the stress response toolkit of the earliest land plants using time and environmental gradients on streptophyte algae
Prof. Dr. Jan de Vries (University of Göttingen, Institute for Microbiology and Genetics)
Thorsten Brinkhoff
2023-11-22 17:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
30%-`Re percenting` ocean governance
Dr. Paula Satizabal, HIFMB Oldenburg
Dr. Kimberley Peters
2023-11-29 17:00
  W15 1-146 (Hybrid)
Microbiological Colloquium: Prof. Jörn Petersen, Leibniz-Institut DSMZ-Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen
“Message in a bottle - The astonishing wealth and diversity of microorganisms in the phyco- and cyanosphere”
Jörn Petersen, Leibniz-Institut DSMZ-Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen
Thorsten Brinkhoff

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