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kick-off meeting March 2023

Advances in Neuromodulation

Scientific Programme

Location: Campus Haarentor, A07, Lecture Hall G


Monday, 13 March 2023

9:00       9:30       Introduction (Christiane Thiel, Oldenburg)

Session 1 Neuromodulation Stroke                     

9:30       10:00     Charlotte Stagg, Oxford: Understanding Neurophysiology to Develop Adjunct Therapies for Stroke Recovery

10:00     10:30     Christian Grefkes, Frankfurt: Brain Reorganization after Stroke

10:30     11:00     coffee break

11:00     11:30     Cornelia Kranczioch, Oldenburg: Motor Imagery Based Neurofeedback and the Relevance of Context

11:30     12:00     primer to posters: P1, P2, P3, P5, P6, P7

12:00     14:00     lunch & lab tours


Session 2 Neuromodulation PD                             

14:00     14:30     Hartwig Siebner, Kopenhagen: Adaptive and Precise Targeting of Cortex-Basal Ganglia Circuits in Parkinson´s Disease

14:30     15:00     Karsten Witt, Oldenburg: Deep Brain Stimulation in Oldenburg: Clinical Applications and Research Questions

15:00     15:30     Mandy Roheger, Oldenburg: Physical Interventions to Improve Motor Functions and Well-Being in Parkinson's Disease

15:30     16:00     coffee break

16:00     16:20     primer to posters: P9, P10, P11, P14

16:20     18:00     Postersession & lab tours




Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Session 3 Patient-centered approaches and mobile technologies                         

9:00       9:30       Annette Sterr, Berlin: Going beyond the Picking of Low Hanging Fruit: Neurorehabilitation of those with Multiple Deficits and Complex Needs

9:30       10:00     Anna Levke Brütt, Oldenburg: Public and Patient Involvement in Health Research

10:00     10:20     primer to posters P4, P8, P12, P13

10:20     11:20     Postersession & coffee break   

11:20     11:50     Fabien Lotte, Bordeaux: Machine and User Learning Aspects in Sensorimotor Brain-Computer Interface Design

11:50     12:20     Andreas Hein, Oldenburg: Monitoring and Assistance Systems to Support Activities of Daily Living

12:20     open     lunch


Participation is free, but registration is needed for organisation.

Please register here.

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