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Poster Session 2022

Monday, 04/07/2022

The poster session aimed to provide an overview of the then-current state of all projects and research questions being investigated by SEAS students. In that event, SEAS students were supposed to present their progress with their individual PhD research to all Principle Investigators of SEAS (PI’s). The students were also supposed to present their collaboration status and overall project's current findings, results, and possible future plans. We expected the PI’s to provide detailed feedback on the students' projects, as well as insights and inspirations for future work when needed. This event provided an opportunity to exchange and learn from the experiences of senior researchers by gaining insights into the actual research processes.

The poster session started with a welcoming note by Prof. Dr. Susanne Boll and Prof. Dr. Markus Tepe. It was followed by one hour of presentation sessions where PhD students presented their work through posters. PI’s were expected to actively listen to the presentations, and light discussions were welcome in this stage. Later, SEAS students presented the results of their projects (multi/disciplinary collaboration). A closing intensive session of discussion took place at the end of the day, where current conceptual and methodological concerns were pointed out and thoroughly discussed.






OFFIS Institute for Information Technology




Susanne Boll & Markus Tepe



Poster presentation - Round 1

PhD project presentation – 11 posters

Each PhD student should present his or her recent work through a poster



Coffee Break



Poster presentation - Round 2

Project presentation – 5 posters

M1: Sebastian Hemesath & Hatice Sahin

M2: Maren Weil, Akhila Bairy & Jacob Schwartz

E1:  Prasenjit Dhara 

E2: Sabrina Paustian & Julia Köhlke

H1: Jan Hendrik Röhl & Michelle Murken








18:00 – open end

Closing Discussion

PI’s approaching SEAS students with feedback, emarks, critics and further development possibilities

All PI’s and PhD students

(Stand: 23.11.2023)  | 
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