Dr. Pascal Böwer
(PostDoc, lecturer)

W3 3-364

+49441 798 3727


Research field: process simulation, process development, industrial chemistry


  • Chemical Process Development“ (mastermodule)
  • „Grundvorlesung Technische Chemie“ (bachelormodule)
  • „Forschungspraktikum Technische Chemie“ (mastermodule)


  • ABE fermentation
  • Programming kinetics
  • Process development
  • Dividing wall column
  • Fuel cell simulation
  • Water desalination (gas hydrates)
  • Biogas plants
  • Aspen Plus

PhD Thesis:

Title: Development of Bionic Liquids for the ABE fermentation process

Chemicals and fuels produced from reneweable resources are of great interest. Within the field of biofuels butanol is much more versatile than ethanol. A process with high potential for an industrial production of butanol is the ABE-fermentation process. The economics of this process are highly influenced by the process type (batch, fed-batch or continuous) and the purification methode.

My aim is to develop a new purification methode, which will also enable a continuous process type and improve the economy significantly.

Chemical Process Development (FLIF+ project (BMBF)):

Process development and optimisation play an essential role in the chemical, pharmaceutical and refining industries. Several research objectives are chased by science: the development of processes for completely new products, the use of ecologically better-suited raw materials (use of sustainable resource) or the optimisation of already established processes. In the course of the research course "Chemical Process Development" all the necessary basic knowledge are given to the students. Then they prepare an extensive design project, which will deal with a current research question. In addition to imparting pure knowledge the improvement of the soft skills, for example an extensive presentation training, is also important to us.

(Stand: 06.12.2021)