May-Franzis Zastrau

May-Franzis Zastrau, M.Sc.
(PhD student)

W3 3-364

+49 441 798 3727







Research field: Photocatalysis, new materials, organic synthesis, carbon nitrides, solar chemical




  • Heterogenous Photocatalysis for organic synthesis
  • Element doped carbon nitrides
  • Photoreactor design


PhD Thesis: 

Title: Carbon nitride organic photocatalysis and implementation in continuous flow chemistry

Massive consumption of fossil fuels and the increasing energy crisis demand new technologies ­­­for a sustainable world. Therefore, the use of sunlight as an effectively inexhaustible energy source is one of the most promising technologies of the future. To utilize visible light for the synthesis of organic molecules, suitable catalysts are necessary. Graphitic carbon nitride as an organic semiconductor is free of precious metals and active under visible light. Therefore, the aim of this project is to synthesize different graphitic carbon nitrides as photocatalysts for the synthesis of organic molecules and to apply them in continuous flow chemistry.

(Stand: 19.01.2024)  | 
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