Tim Thiedemann
(PhD Student, lecturer)

W3 3-374

+49441 798 3561


Research field: process simulation, process development, industrial chemistry, biofuels, sustainable industry, preparation of startup foundation, biofuel production via fermentation methods


BionicFuel Spin-Off

To contribute to the solution of problems in modern societies and to transfer newest research results on an industrial scale we strive for the BionicFuel spin-off. The basis is a newly revised bioproduct production process (biofuel, monomers of the plastics industry, platform chemicals, etc.). We support the fight against climate change by an industrially scalable negative CO2 emission on the process side. We address inflation, security of supply, and other current issues through the outstanding cost-efficient and sustainable production method.


  • „Übung zur allgemeine und anorganische Chemie (Nebenfächer)“ (bachelormodule)
  • „Grundpraktikum Technische Chemie“ (bachelormodule)
  • „Forschungspraktikum Technische Chemie“ (mastermodule)


  • Fermentation processes
  • Process simulation
  • Thermodynamics and enzymatic kinetic
  • Biofuels and other biomass-derived products
  • Programming


PhD Thesis:

Title: Production of bio-based diesel alternative with the usage of various fermentation process concepts including the BionicFuel process.

Biomass-derived fuels are an important topic to evaluate new and climate-friendly energy recourses. Particularly the use of diesel fuels as the most used fuel for our transport infrastructure. Today's biofuel production uses biomass from crops, which can be used for food production. Organic waste is the more sustainable feedstock because of several reasons like land usage, availability, and higher added value. To fulfill this requirement various fermentation processes and their combination will be investigated. As a special point the usage of the BionicFuel technologies will be investigated.

(Stand: 29.05.2024)  | 
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