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Andrea Göken

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Department für Informatik  (» Postanschrift)

Wirtschaftsinformatik - Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit

If you’re here because you are interested in the role of digital technology for sustainability you have come to the right place!

The researchers and collaborators of the Chair for Environmental and Sustainable Information Systems are working on the intersection of information technology and sustainability. Our research covers a wide range of topics, including the development of sustainable information systems, the use of technology to improve environmental decision-making, and the integration of sustainability into business operations. With our research and expertise in sustainability and IT, we are helping to advance knowledge and promote the use of information technology to support environmental sustainability efforts.

If you are also interested in building a more sustainable future through the power of information technology please get in touch! We are always looking for interested students who would like to work at the chair, write theses or simply want to discuss lectures, industry partners for research projects, colleagues who would like to collaborate and anyone else interested in this researach direction.

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