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Workshop Neglect July 2023

Treatment of visual and visuospatial deficits after brain damage

14 & 15 July 2023
Campus Haarentor (Uhlhornsweg): University Library Hall

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Scientific Program

Friday, 14. July 2023

Opening of the meeting by Christiane Thiel (speaker of the RTG “Neuromodulation”) (13.00-13.10)

Session 1: Introductory clinical case presentations (13.10 – 14.15)

Helmut Hildebrandt (Bremen/Oldenburg)

                            Balint’s syndrome

                            Representation left side of the body in neglect patients

                            A case with reaching impairments: what is the cause?


Session 2: Attentional models and interventions in visuospatial neglect (14.30 – 16.30)

(Moderator Christiane Thiel, Oldenburg)

Simone Vossel (Jülich):                 Deficits in probabilistic inference in patients with neglect and potential implications for rehabilitation

Andreas Sprenger (Lübeck):       Gaze-contingent modification can help to reduce ipsilesional attention bias

Nadine Schenke (Oldenburg/Bremen):  Testing the Sprague effect with unilateral eye patching in LH and RH patients after small and large strokes

Brigitte Kaufmann (Luzern):       Video-Oculography During Free Visual Exploration – a sensitive method to detect neglect

Christoph Herrmann (Oldenburg):          taCS and the modulation of visuospatial attention in healthy subjects.

Riccardo Galli (Genf):                    fMRI-based Neurofeedback Modulation of Visual Attention: Implication for Hemi-spatial Neglect Syndrome Rehabilitation


Session 3: Neuromodulation as treatment option for visuospatial neglect (17.00 – 18.40)

(Moderator Christoph Herrmann, Oldenburg)

Marij Middag-van Spanje (Maastricht): Transcranial alternating current stimulation in chronic neglect patients: effective as add-on to functional treatment?

Thomas Nyffeler (Luzern):          Theta Burst Stimulation in patients with neglect

Monika Harvey (Glasgow):          Is neuromodulation (tDCS) a feasible tool for enhancing action training for the rehabilitation of chronic spatial neglect?

Bernhard Elsner (Jena):                Transcranial direct and alternating stimulation for the treatment of neglect: results from a meta-analytic approach

Hans-Otto Karnath (Tübingen): Magnetic Vestibular Stimulation as treatment option for patients with neglect.


Saturday, 15. July 2023

Session 4: Treatment options for patients with neglect and lateropulsion (8.45 -10.15)

(Moderator Andreas Sprenger, Lübeck)

Lisa Kunkel gnt. Bode (Lübeck): Combined optokinetic stimulation and cueing-assisted reading therapy

Helmut Hildebrandt (Bremen): Recalibration, not realignment improves visuospatial attention in patients with neglect. Results from an RCT using prism adaptation

Nadine Külzow (Beelitz-Heilstätten): Effects of end-effector-controlled gait training on walking ability in non-ambulatory patients with left-sided neglect

Anna E. Pape (Bremen):               Is Prism adaptation an option to treat the Pusher syndrome?

Soraya Brosset (Genf):                  EEG-based Neurofeedback Modulation of Visual Attention: Implication for Hemi-spatial Neglect Syndrome Rehabilitation


Session 5: Virtual and augmented reality, a new horizon for the treatment of neglect (10.45- 12.15)

(Moderator Andrea Hildebrandt, Oldenburg)

Dario Cazzoli (Luzern):                  Eye-hand coordination in neglect: preliminary data from a project with augmented reality

Julia Belger (Leipzig):                     Application of immersive Virtual Reality for the assessment and cognitive rehabilitation of visuospatial neglect

Eileen Bousché (Utrecht):            HEMIRehApp: Engaging Multisensory Immersive Rehabilitation App for patients with hemispatial neglect

Hanne Huygelier (Leuven):         Assessment and rehabilitation of neglect with a VR serious game (HEMIRehApp)

Britta Stammler (Tübingen):       Active exploration training in spatial neglect with the new augmented reality app “Negami” ‒ a randomized controlled trial

Nergiz Turgut (Quito):                   A new tool for treating neglect by audiospatial stimulation

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