Conference "Kant & Bolzano"

The Bohemian philosopher, mathematician and theologian Bernard Bolzano was born in 1781, the year in which Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason was published; and he died in 1848, the year of Gottlob Frege’s birth. These dates are highly symbolic because Bolzano’s work is an essential link between transcendental and analytic philosophy. However, whereas the striking similarities to Frege’s logico-philosophical considerations have been emphasized many times, research on the relationship between Kant and Bolzano is still in its infancy. The conference “Kant & Bolzano” aims at illuminating this significant chapter of German-speaking philosophy from a historical and systematic perspective. Bild     Programme Thursday, 28 July

Section "Thought & Language"

  • Robert Hanna (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA): "What is a Representation in Itself? Kant, Bolzano, & Anti-Psychologism
  • Timothy Rosenkoetter (Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA): "Kant and Bolzano on the Distinction between Concepts and Intuitions"
  • Waldemar Rohloff (University of Missouri, St. Louis, USA): "From Ordinary Language to Philosophical Analysis in Kant and Bolzano"
  • Maria van der Schaar (Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands): "Assertion and Belief in Kant and Bolzano"

Friday, 29 July

Section "Truth"

Section "Logic"

  • Rolf George (University of Waterloo, Canada): "Kant's Contribution to the Revival of Logic"

Saturday, 30 July

Section "Logic"

  • Sandra Lapointe (Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA): "Bolzano, Leibniz and Kant"
  • Mark Siebel (CvO Universität Oldenburg, Germany): "The Square of Opposition in Bolzano and Kant"
  • Clinton Tolley (University of California, San Diego, USA): "Kant and Bolzano on the Relationship between Logic and Ontology"

Section "Ethics"

  • Gaetan Pégny (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre, France): "Bolzano on Kantian Morality"
  • Johan Blok ( Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands): "Bolzano and Kant on the Highest Moral Law as an A Priori Synthetic Principle"


Please be aware that places are limited. To register (compulsory) please email by 31 May 2011.


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