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All the same? Conceptualization of "Young" Literature between an Aesthetic Innovation and 'Realpolitik' – A Comparison - Gun-Britt Kohler

Młoda Polska, Mlada Hrvatska, Молода Украïна, Маладая Беларусь: the more or less convergent and coinciding connection of (the) youth-adjunct and (an) ethnonym, might make the case, that the corresponding literary groups and streams, are "national" variants of a supranational phenomenon of European modernism. The contribution will approach this phenomenon in a historical, transhistorical and transnational comparison and – especially with respect to the heuristic use of the concept of "literary movement" and the theses of Pascale Casanova on "literary Meridian" – discuss parameters from which questions and assumptions on the typological comparison within the Panel may infer. One of these assumptions is that different discourses overlap in specific proportions in the respective movements (liberal discourse, discourse on rebirth, discourse on youth, etc.), which determines their different profiling. Paradoxically, the supranational discourse of Modernism flattens out these very specifics.

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