Abstract in English

Female modernism (central european variant) - Lena Magnone

The lecture is dedicated to female writers debuting around the year 1900 and co-creating Młoda Polska (Young Poland). However, they won’t be presented from the perspective of this national artistic movement, but in a comparative manner against the background of similar appearances of women in other linguistic areas of the region. I would like to put forward the thesis that although female artists were marginalized in all "young" movements in Central Europe, their work composed a transnational female modernism, an individual phenomenon in literary history with an own chronology and dynamics. I will also try to answer the question if within the scope of a such defined trend it is possible to speak of a central european variant, and in what its characteristics consist in comparison to the female modernism in a west-european (anglo-saxonian) form.

(Stand: 29.05.2024)  | 
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