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The Earth - a Living Being

Crystals (Computers) are often regarded as alive. By creating a symmetric reversible space-time-continuum of euclidic-geometric bodies and a dyssymmetric one of life processes across symmetry breaking and dyssymmetry creating membranes of natural bodies we transfer the definition of life to the differentiating transfer through (cell) membranes. Life as a principle of nature. A biogenesis excluded. Earth is alive. It's species name: "Terra sempervirens".

Authors: Wolfgang E. Krumbein, George Levit


Leonardo and the Visibilisation of the World

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519), not only a painter, a sculptor and an architect, but also a natural scientist, believed that all reality is yet visible or can, at least, be made visible. This philosophical principle is indeed untenable, but it lent wings to one of the most universal geniuses of the Renaissance to achieve highest performances and it enabled him to inexorably penetrate reality with his thoughts and to seize reality by drawing.

Author:Michael Sukale


Love and Being in Love

Some new studies on the topic of romantic love (or partner love) are presented. They are concerned with the following questions: What thoughts, emotions and actions are characteristic of "love"? What are the differences between "to love" and "to be in love"? Do we expect more or different proofs of love from our partner than we ourselves are prepared to give? And finally: Which circumstances are responsible for our falling out of love?

Author: Ulrich Mees

Jealousy - a Child of Love

A study of 200 narratives about jealousy in love relationships is reported. The knowledge that is used by jealous persons when experiencing and communicating jealousy is outlined. Some variants of the experience of jealousy are presented. The fundamental beliefs about romantic love that are underlying jealousy are discussed. It is also discussed, whether and in which way the distressing emotion of jealousy might be eliminated and/or diminished.

Author: Annette Schmitt


Language Change and Language Aquisition

The process of language acquisition is characterized by a gradual shift from erroneous to adult-like productions. The correct rendition of words like "cow" for example is often preceded by pronunciations such as [tau]. The central issue addressed in this article is the localization of the change from [t] to [k] in the emergent processing network. On the basis of a case study it is argued that this development does not take place at the level of linguistic units such as features, sounds and words but rather in the links connecting these levels.

Author: Thomas Berg

Architectural History:

The Frisian Stone-House

The medieval Frisian "Steinhaus", a small fortified residence built of solid brick, is a characteristic architectural phenomenon of the Weser-Ems coast. It originated about the middle of the 14th century and is peculiar to the whole territory settled by Frisians between the Ijsselmeer in the Netherlands and the mouth of the river Weser in Germany. Originally built and inhabited by local peers called "captains" or "capitales" in Latin, it changed its function from the 16th century on and was adapted for use by official representatives of the regional counts, the cities and the church. As a building type it is characterised by a rectangular plan, two gables with a pitched roof, solid brick walls and small windows with stone mullions.

Author: Kurt Asche

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