Open postdoc position (deadline 31.01.22)

Prof. Dr. Konstantin Pankrashkin

Open postdoc position (deadline 31.01.22)

This announcement has expired!!!

Open postdoc position in spectral theory

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Position type

Postdoc in the DFG-funded research project "Spectral analysis for transmission conditions" (research only, no teaching duties)

Institute of mathematics, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany (map)

Informal contact Konstantin Pankrashkin (responsible of the project): webpage
Research area Spectral theory of differential operators (see below for more details)
Duration 2 years full time (part time with a longer duration is possible)
Starting date Flexible, at latest on October 1, 2022

TV-L E13 scale

This external ink can be useful: "Netto gesamt" is an estimate of the take-home salary for a single person working full time. Postdocs may start at level 3, if some formal requirements are met (relevant professional experience confirmed by suitable documents). No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this explanation and the amounts.
  • completed doctoral degree in mathematics, with main emphasis on analysis or partial differential equations. The degree must be completed before the contract starts (the application can be submitted before the completion).
  • very good knowledge in one or more of the following research areas:
    • self-adjoint extensions of partial differential operators,
    • boundary value problems in domains with corners,
    • spectral theory of partial differential operators,
    • pseudodifferential operators and microlocal analysis,

which should normally be supported by relevant scientific publications.

Previous experience with boundary integral operators or non-semibounded differential operators is desirable.

Application deadline January 31, 2022 (expired)
How to apply

Send an e-mail with a single pdf file in attachment to (please use e-mail subject: "Kennwort Projektstelle Spektralanalysis"). The attached pdf file should at least include the following documents:

  • cover letter,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • list of publications,
  • copies of degree certificates,
  • two-page summary of previous research activity,
  • contact information of at least two persons who could provide letters of recommendation (we will contact them directly, if needed).

Degree certificates can be submitted in original language (a translation may be required later, if the application is successful). All other documents should be in German or in English.

Please note that the above is an informal explanation of the application procedure (the formal procedure is described in the official advertisement ( It is recommended to send a copy of your application to the project responsible ().


The project is devoted to the construction and the spectral analysis of self-adjoint realizations of sign-indefinite Laplace- and Dirac-type operators with special transmission conditions along smooth or non-smooth hypersurfaces (interfaces). Such operators arise e.g. in plasmonics and in the study of negative-index metamaterials (Laplace) or graphene defects (Dirac). It is planned to understand in a deeper way the influence of the interface geometry and other parameters on the self-adjointness domain and the spectral properties of the related operators. It is expected that a suitable combination of methods from microlocal analysis, operator theory and analysis of singular integral operators may lead to important developments. Some initial ideas and motivations can be found in the papers by the responsible of the project, e.g. (A) and (B), and references therein.

Work organization

The recruited researcher will work on the research tasks of the project and participate in related communication activites (papers, seminars, conferences etc.) under supervision of the responsible of the project (Konstantin Pankrashkin).

The researcher will be a member of the research area "Analysis", which currently comprises 15 people, including five professors (Chernov, Grieser, Pankrashkin, Uecker, Vertman). Scientific interests of the current members of the research area are mostly related to various aspects of partial differential equations (spectral theory, geometric analysis, singular analysis, numerical analysis).

The Institute of mathematics in Oldenburg comprises further research areas "Algebra", "Didactics of mathematics" and "Stochastics" having comparable size.

City of Oldenburg

Oldenburg is a city with ca. 170.000 inhabitants in the northern part of Germany, it is often considered as one of the bicycle friendliest cities. It is close to the bigger city of Bremen and the North Sea coast.

Some links to have a first impression (no responsibility is taken for their contents):

  • Oldenburg on the map,
  • Some photos of Oldenburg,
  • Webpage for international researchers (maintained by the university),
  • Housing costs in Oldenburg: click on (A) or (B) to get an idea.
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