CCD and CMOS sensors

CCD and CMOS sensors

CCD and CMOS Sensors in
Optical Metrology

Fields of work

1. Comparison of CCD and CMOS sensors on optical metrology

In the field of optical metrology the use of high resolution CCD sensors with 1024×1024 to 2048×2048 pixels is predominant. Due to special features (e.g. random pixel access, characteristic curve) CMOS sensors with similar resolution can be an interesting alternative. We compare characteristics of both sensor types that are important for interferometry and demonstrate exemplary applications that are only possible by using CMOS cameras.


  1. Helmers, H.; Carl, D.; Sievers, T.: CMOS-ESPI-system with in-line digital phase stabilization using unresolved speckles, Proc. SPIE 4777 (2002) 232-241
  2. Helmers, H.; Schellenberg, M.: CMOS versus CCD sensors in speckle interferometry, Opt. Laser Technol. 35 (2003) 587-595

2. Membership in EMVA working group for standardization of CCD specifications

We take part in a working group of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) whose aim is to define a unified method to measure, compute and present specification parameters for cameras and image sensors used for machine vision applications.

The working publishes the EMVA Standard 1288 - Standard for Characterization and Presentation of Specification Data for Image Sensors and Cameras.

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