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DIVI - Patient Safety Research Award

The collaborative research project led by Dr. Ulf Günther and his interdisciplinary team at the University of Oldenburg, with significant contributions from scientific staff member Jan Hendrik Röhl, has earned prestigious recognition for their pioneering work in the field of patient safety. Their innovative approach to early delirium detection, using an android robot-patient, has been awarded the Patient Safety Research Prize, a significant achievement valued at 10,000 euros. This substantial prize acknowledges the team's outstanding contribution to healthcare, particularly in addressing the vital issue of delirium diagnosis in intensive care settings. Their invention not only simplifies the training of medical professionals but also showcases the power of innovation and collaboration in enhancing patient safety and well-being. The team's dedication to improving patient safety and their commitment to advancing the understanding and management of delirium has rightfully earned them the recognition from the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (DIVI) and Philips. Their pursuit of a more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly diagnostic tool for delirium signifies a significant step forward in the medical field, emphasizing the pivotal role of technology and innovation in healthcare. The substantial financial prize they have been awarded will further support their research, helping to refine and expand the capabilities of the robot-patient, ultimately benefitting patients and medical professionals alike.

It is important to acknowledge the team of Dr. med. Ulf Günther: Jan Hendrik Röhl, Dr. Sandra Hellmers, Nicole Feldmann, Dr. Rebecca Diekmann, and Prof. Andreas Hein.

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