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Teil des Forschungszentrums Human-Cyber-Physical Systems

PriME Academy AG (2021)


In a significant achievement for the University of Oldenburg, an interdisciplinary team consisting of Anna Brinkmann (specializing in Assistive Systems and Medical Technology), Julian Festerling (with expertise in Political Economics and German Studies), and Jan Hendrik Röhl (also specializing in Assistive Systems and Medical Technology) emerged victorious in the international Management and Entrepreneurship competition, the priME-Cup. This prestigious competition, hosted by the priME Academy AG, saw participation from multiple German universities and international institutions, including the Mingachevir State University (Azerbaijan) and the University Ovidius Constanța (Romania). The challenge at the heart of this competition involved managing a simulated company focused on producing and marketing personalized 3D-printed sunglasses. The team from the University of Oldenburg excelled in making critical entrepreneurial decisions encompassing pricing strategies, workforce planning, and investment in promising future areas, leading to their victory and a voucher for an executive coaching session.

Their success is attributed to an interdisciplinary composition and hands-on experience with innovative methodologies, including simulation games and prototyping facilitated by the Innovation(s)Campus. By addressing complex decision-making scenarios, these experiences fostered a deeper understanding of intricate relationships while promoting enjoyment and teamwork. The team's remarkable victory and participation in the priME-Cup attest to the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration in nurturing entrepreneurial skills among university students, thereby enriching their academic journeys.

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