Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Jannika Mattes

Oranisation and Innovation

Email: jannik8ppa.autmattess6zgt@uni-ola8zxdenburg.u3psde


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Lehnhoff

Energy Informatics

Email: sebastiaj5n.lehnhoffnb@uni-ol4seosdenburg.debzy

Associate Researcher

This project analyses the societal embeddedness of ACPS in the energy domain. First, it focuses on the evolution of ACPS based on the use of the established Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM) reference framework, its standards and processes in developing an ACPS. It thereby investigates how SGAM is used in organisational innovation projects with the help of a case study. The applied architecture process is regarded as an organisationally embedded instrument that is enacted by the participating organisations and individuals. Second, the constructed ACPS will be socially embedded once it has been established. The proposed project will investigate this embeddedness through the process of extended use case modelling and formalization. The subsequent larger range of use cases associated with energy domain ACPS, in turn, requires greater technical flexibility. This results in an interdependent interaction cycle with consequences for the usage of the architecture process and its technological development, which is investigated in this project in the context of ongoing Smart Grid/Smart City projects.

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