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Wissenschaftler/innen und Promovenden

Third cohorte of PhD students


Beteiligte Wissenschaftler/innen


Prof. Dr. Jens Christoffers

Homogeneous catalysis, bond activation, heterocyclic and combinatorial chemistry, natural product synthesis

apl. Prof. Dr. Karin Dedek

Gap junctions, visual information processing in retinal networks

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gerlach

Photoreceptors involved in orientation behavior in fish

Prof. Dr. Martin Greschner

Visual information processing in retinal networks

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hartmann

Complex behavior of discrete systems in physics, biology, mathematics and computer science

Apl. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Janssen-Bienhold

Molecular mechanisms of visual information processing in the vertebrate retina

Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch

Molecular mechanisms of phototransduction in rod and cone cells of the vertebrate retina

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lienau

Optical properties of functional nanostructures, ultrafast and nano-optics

Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen

Animal navigation mechanisms from molecules and cognition to behavior, magnetic sense

Prof. Dr. John Neidhardt

Genetic diseases of the eye and retina, ciliopathies, translational research and treatment approaches in animal models

Prof. Dr. Hans Gerd Nothwang

Molecular mechanisms of function, development and evolution of the mammalian auditory system

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Parisi/
Jun. Prof. Dr. Manuels Schiek

Photovoltaic-driven neurosensoric man-machine interfaces

Prof. Dr. Ralf Rabus

Molecular physiology and regulation in environmental bacteria

Prof. Dr. Ilia Solov'yov

Theoretical and computational methods for sensory biology

Prof. Dr. Michael Winklhofer

Biophysics, molecular spectroscopy

Alumni Professoren

Prof. Dr. Christiane Richter-Landsberg

Cytoskeletal dynamics, stress responses and signal transduction mechanisms in neural cells


Prof. Dr. Reto Weiler

Dynamic and stability of chemical and electrical synaptic integration in the retina



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Titel der Arbeit


  Faiza Altaf   Prof. Dr. Hans Gerd Nothwang
  Shambhavi Apte   Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen
  Charlotte Beelen Systems Biology and Statistical Physics of Cooperative Effects in Sensing Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch
  Jens Brauer Local spectroscopy of molecular excitations in sensory systems Prof. Dr. Christoph Lienau
  Kristina Bruns Genetic basis of behavior Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gerlach
  Ramona Buschen  

Prof. Dr. Ralf Rabus

  Anne Depping The contribution of horizontal cells to retinal adaptation

Prof. Dr. Karin Dedek

  Angelika Einwich The role of cryptochromes in magnetoreception Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen
  Karim Habashy Computational Modeling of Navigation in Birds Jun.-Prof. Dr. Manuel Schiek
  Alejandra Acevedo Harnecker   Prof. Dr. Karin Dedek
  Germann Hergert   Prof. Dr. Christoph Lienau
  Constanze Krohs (geb. Funke) Functional characterization of miR-96 in the mouse auditory brainstem Prof. Dr. Hans Gerd Nothwang
  Malien Laurien   Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gerlach
  Lena Nemitz Characterization of horizontal cell function and modulation in the vertebrate retina Prof. Dr. Ulrike Janssen-Bienhold
  Dipti Pradhan   Prof. Dr. Martin Greschner
  Nils Schröder   Prof. Dr. Jens Christoffers
  Pranav Seth Downregulation of CRY4 form European robin (Erithacus rubecula) using small hairpin constructions (shOligos) Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen
  Manisha Kumari Shahu   Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch
  Matteo Spinelli   Prof. Dr. Ulrike Janssen-Bienhold
  Anitta Rose Thomas Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Charge Separation Processes in Natural Light Harvesting Complexes Prof. Dr. Christoph Lienau
  Muhammad Usman   Prof. Dr. John Neidhardt


Christine Vössing

The retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator (RPGR) and defects in ciliary signaling and transport

Prof. Dr. John Neidhardt

  Laura Ziegenbalg Magnetoreception in teleost fish Prof. Dr. Michael WInkelhofer


Sarah-Karina Zlomke-Sell

The GC/GCAP system in the retina of the zebrafish focussing on phototransduction in cones

Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch

  Domna Zourelidou   Prof. Dr. Michael Winkelhofer

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Seher Abbas

Molecular Switches Leading To Deactivation Of Sensory Signaling And Recovery Of The Cellular Response.

Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch

Nicole Ahrens Functional analysis of zebrafish specific Opsin-Kinases (zGRKs) Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch
Raisa Chetverikova Analysis of retinal cells in the avian retina with Ca2+ Imaging Prof. Dr. Henrik Mourtisen
Lena Dübbel Characterization of signaling pathways in tumor immunology and immune therapy. Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch
Anja Günther Characterization of Cryptochromes in the retina of birds Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen
Sebastian Swirski

Spliceosomal adaptation as a therapeutic tool against splice site mutations in retinal diseases.

Prof. Dr. John Neidhardt


Alumni Promovenden

Finanziert über das GRK


Titel der Arbeit


Bianca Brüggen

Synapses of amacrine cells and ceramide synthase deficiency in the mouse retina

apl. Prof. Dr. Karin Dedek

Mirjam Kant (geb. Trinkler) Eingrenzung der Schwellenwertkonzentration von 4-Hydroxyacetophenon bei „Aromatoleum aromaticum“ Stamm EbN1 Prof. Dr. Ralf Rabus
Astrid Markgraf Identification of chemical recognition signals triggering social behavior Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gerlach

Jörg Robin

Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Rydberg Electrons at a Gold Nanotip and Calcium Sensor Proteins

Prof. Dr.  Christoph Lienau

Janina Leyk

Stress responses and cell death mechanisms leading to sensory dysfunction

Prof. Dr. Christiane Richter-Landsberg

Tina Schlüter

Functional characterization of deafness genes in the central auditory pathway

Prof. Dr. Hans Gerd Nothwang

Anka Schubert Diaminoterephtalic acid derivates - Fluorescent dyes for Life Sciences and Materials Science Prof. Dr. Jens Christoffers

Jasmin Segelken

Characterization of horizontal cell function and modulation in the vertebrate retina

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Janssen-Bienhold

Stefan Sulmann

The Guanylate Cyclase-GCAP System -a multi protein complex in phototransduction

Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch

Jannes Vagts Sensory distinction of structurally similar aromatic compounds

Prof. Dr. Ralf Rabus

Melanie Wallisch

Diaminoterephthalate – Neue Fluoreszenzsonden für Anwendungen in der Biochemie und Biologie

Prof. Dr. Jens Christoffers


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Titel der Arbeit


Michael Bottesch Navigationally relevant compass cues in migratory and dispersing species - star compass learning in a night-migratory songbird, magnetic compass orientation in coral reef fish larvae, behavioral and electrophysiological investigation of polarization sensitivity in migratory and non-migratory birds Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen
Leon Buschbeck Diaminoterephtalate - neue Fluoreszenzfarbstoffe für die Life Sciences and Materials Science Prof. Dr. Jens Christoffers
Dana Elbers Switches and control of protein function on nano-structured surfaces Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch

Lena Freimuth    

Studien zur Synthese von fluoreszierenden Diaminoterephthalsäurederivaten zur Anwendung in den Life Sciences und der Materials Science

Prof. Jens Christoffers


Dmitry Kobylkov The magnetic senses of birds Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen
Vincent Kunze Genetic Profiling of Cone Photoreceptor Types in the Mammalian Retina Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch
Stephan Tetenborg The composition and regulation of electrical synapses in the inner plexiform layer of the retina Prof. Dr. Karin Dedek

Kristin Tietje

Bases of behavioral, genetic, and neuronal mechanisms of olfactory imprinting in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Prof. Gabriele. Gerlach

Farina Vocke

Dysfunction of the guanylate cyclase-GCAP1 complex by a pathogenic mutation and nanoparticles designed for delivery

Prof. Karl-Wilhelm Koch

Viviane Wilms Development and evolution of the auditory system Prof. Dr. Hans Gerd Nothwang
Hanna Wimberg Control of the guanylate cyclase signaling unit in phototransduction by the RD3 protein Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch
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