Dr. Melanie Beck

DIPL. Geoecologist
PO BOX 5634 

TEL.: (49) 441-798-3627 
FAX: (49) 441-798-3404


Curriculum Vitae



Studies of Geoecology (Diplom) at the University of Bayreuth
Majors and minors: Environmental Chemistry, Hydrology, Ecotoxicology, Biochemistry and Soil Sciences
Diploma thesis "Relationship between the concentrations of steroids in waste water and waste water born aerosol particles" under the supervision of Dr. M. Radke

2004-2007   Ph.D. student at the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, University of Oldenburg, Germany
PhD thesis in the Research Group „BioGeoChemistry of Tidal Flats“ on the topic „Pore water biogeochemistry and trace metal dynamics in deep intertidal flat sediments“ under the supervision of Prof. Dr. H.-J. Brumsack (Ph.D. thesis)
since 2007   PostDoc at the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, University of Oldenburg, Germany 

Research Interests

  • Trace metal and nutrient dynamics in pore waters and the open water column of tidal flat and beach systems 
  • Supervision of longterm in situ nutrient measurements on a monitoring station in the backbarrier area of Spiekeroog Island 


2004-2009: Research Group 'BioGeoChemistry of Tidal Flats' (German Research Foundation)

2009-2012: Natural and anthropogenic dynamics of nutrients, heavy metals, organic pollutants, and tracer substances in the Jade Bay (Volkswagen Foundation, Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony)

since 2016: Assessment of ground- and porewater-derived nutrient fluxes into the German North Sea - Is there a "Barrier Island Mass Effect (BIME)? (Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony)


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