Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Theel

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Fakultät II, Department für Informatik
Abteilung Systemsoftware und verteilte Systeme
D-26111 Oldenburg

+49 441 798-2364

+49 441 798-2756


Systemsoftware und verteilte Systeme

Die Abteilung System Software und verteilte System führt bzw. führte folgende interne Forschungsprojekte (teils in Überschneidung mit anderen Forschungsprojekten) durch:

  • Real-World Data Replication (laufend)
  • Identification of Application-optimized Data Replication Schemes (laufend)
  • Impact of Fault Models on Realizability and Costs of Region-Adherent Self-Stabilizing Distributed Algorithms (laufend)
  • Semantic Replication (laufend)
  • Quality of Service Optimization Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks (laufend)
  • Automatik Stability Verification via Lyapunov Funktions (laufend)
  • Recurrence in Self-Stabilization - Theory, Verification, and Application (2016)
  • Enabling Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensing with Improved Service Quality (2016)
  • A Compositional Framework for Designing Self-Stabilizing Distributed Algorithms (2013)
  • Unmasking Fault Tolerance: Quantifying Deterministic Recovery Dynamics in Probabilistic Environments (2013)
  • Probabilistic Quorum Systems for Dependable Data Management (2012)
  • Specification and Analytical Evaluation of Heterogeneous Dynamic Quorum-based Data Replication Schemes (2011)
  • Decomposition of Stability Proofs for Hybrid Systems (2011)
  • Structural Failure Models for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing (2009)
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