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"Coupled electron-nuclear wavepacket dynamics in potassium dimers"
H. Braun, T. Bayer, C. Sarpe, R. Siemering, R. de Vivie-Riedle, T. Baumert and M. Wollenhaupt
In: Special issue on ultrafast electron and molecular dynamics
Journal of Physics B 47, 124015 (13 pages) (2014)

"Complete photoionization experiments via ultra-fast coherent control with polarization-multiplexing"
P. Hockett, M. Wollenhaupt, C. Lux and T. Baumert
Physical Review Letters 112, 223001 (5 pages) (2014)

"The interplay of nuclear and electronic motion in the control of molecular processes: a theoretical perspective"
S. Thallmair, R. Siemering, P. Kölle, M. Kling, M. Wollenhaupt, T. Baumert and R. de Vivie-Riedle
In: "Molecular Quantum Dynamics – From Theory to Applications"
Editor: F. Gatti,
Springer, Chapter 8, 213 - 248 (2014)
ISBN: 978-3-642-45290-1

"Temporally shaped femtosecond laser pulses as direct patterning method for dielectric materials in nanophotonic applications"
T. Meinl, N. Götte, Y. Khan, T. Kusserow, C. Sarpe, J. Köhler, M. Wollenhaupt, A. Senftleben, T. Baumert and H. Hillmer
Proc. SPIE Nanophotonics V., 9126B (10 pages) (2014) 

"Microstructuring of soft organic matter by temporally shaped femtosecond laser pulses"
E. Rebollar, J. Mildner, N. Götte, D. Otto, C. Sarpe, J. Köhler, M. Wollenhaupt, T. Baumert and M. Castillejo
Applied Surface Science 302, 231 - 235 (2014)

"Emission signal enhancement of laser ablation of metals (aluminum and titanium) by time delayed femtosecond double pulses from femtoseconds to nanoseconds"
J. Mildner, C. Sarpe, N. Götte, M. Wollenhaupt and T. Baumert
Applied Surface Science 302, 291 – 298 (2014)


"Coherent Control of Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals"
M. Ruge, R. Wilcken, M. Wollenhaupt, A. Horn and T. Baumert
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117, 11780 – 11790 (2013)

"Tomographic Reconstruction of Designer Free-Electron Wave Packets"
M. Wollenhaupt, C. Lux, M. Krug and T. Baumert
ChemPhysChem 14, 1341 – 1349 (2013)

"Charge Oscillation Controlled Molecular Excitation"
T. Bayer, H. Braun, C. Sarpe, R. Siemering, P. von den Hoff, R. de Vivie-Riedle, T. Baumert and M. Wollenhaupt
Physical Review Letters 110, 123003 (5 pages) (2013)

"Efficient attosecond control of electron dynamics in molecules"
H. Braun, P. von den Hoff, T. Bayer, R. Siemering, R. de Vivie-Riedle, M. Wollenhaupt and T. Baumert
EPJ Web of Conferences 41, 02026 (3 pages) (2013)


"Short and Ultrashort Laser Pulses"
M. Wollenhaupt, A. Assion and T. Baumert
In: "Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics"
Editor: F. Träger,
Springer, Chapter 12, 1047 - 1094 (2012)
ISBN: 978-3-642-19409-2

"Elektronenwellen nach Maß"
M. Wollenhaupt, M. Krug and T. Baumert
Physik Journal 11 (7), 37 - 43 (2012)

"Circular Dichroism in the Photoelectron Angular Distributions of Camphor and Fenchone from Multiphoton Ionization with Femtosecond Laser Pulses"
C. Lux, M. Wollenhaupt, T. Bolze, Q. Liang, J. Köhler, C. Sarpe and T. Baumert Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51, 5001 – 5005 (2012)

"Real time observation of transient electron density in water irradiated with tailored femtosecond laser pulses"
C. Sarpe, J. Köhler, T. Winkler, M. Wollenhaupt and T. Baumert
New Journal of Physics 14, 075021 (16 pages) (2012)

"Morphology of nanoscale structures on fused silica surfaces from interaction with temporally tailored femtosecond pulses"
L. Englert, M. Wollenhaupt, C. Sarpe, D. Otto and T. Baumert
Journal of Laser Applications 24, 042002 (5 pages) (2012)


"Ultrafast laser control of electron dynamics in atoms, molecules and solids"
M. Wollenhaupt and T. Baumert
Faraday Discussions 153, 9 – 26 (2011)

"Efficient and robust strong-field control of population transfer in sensitizer dyes with designed femtosecond laser pulses"
J. Schneider, M. Wollenhaupt, A. Winzenburg, T. Bayer, J. Köhler, R. Faust and T. Baumert
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13, 8733 – 8746 (2011)

"Zeptosecond precision pulse shaping"
J. Köhler, M. Wollenhaupt, T. Bayer, C. Sarpe and T. Baumert
Optics Express 19 (12), 11638 – 11653 (2011)


"Femtosecond Pulse Tailoring For Nanoscale Laser Processing Of Wide-Bandgap Materials: Temporal Asymmetric Pulses Versus Frequency Sweeps"
L. Englert, M. Wollenhaupt, D. Otto, C. Sarpe-Tudoran, A. Horn and T. Baumert
International Symposium On High Power Laser Ablation
Editor: Claude R. Phipps
AIP Conference Proceedings, Melville, New York 1278, 280 – 292 (2010)

"Temporal Pulse Tailoring in Ultrafast Laser Manufacturing Technologies"
R. Stoian, M. Wollenhaupt, T. Baumert and I. V. Hertel
In “Laser Precision Microfabrication”
Editors: Koji Sugioka, Michel Meunier, Alberto Piqué
Springer Series in Materials Science 135, Springer Heidelberg Dordrecht London New York, Chapter 5, 121 – 144 (2010)

"Use of femtosecond laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (fs-LIBS) for micro-crack analysis on the surface"
W. Wessel, A. Brueckner-Foit, J. Mildner, L. Englert, L. Haag,  A. Horn, M. Wollenhaupt and T. Baumert
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 77, 1874 – 1883 (2010)

"Temporal femtosecond pulse tailoring for nanoscale laser processing of wide-bandgap materials"
M. Wollenhaupt, L. Englert, A. Horn and T. Baumert
Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors and Nanostructure Materials XIV, Proc. of SPIE 7600, 76000X (11 pages) (2010)

"Three-state selective population of dressed states via generalized spectral phase-step modulation"
M. Wollenhaupt, T. Bayer, N. V. Vitanov and T. Baumert
Physical Review A 81, 053422 (9 pages) (2010)

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