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Concept of De-Fatiguation of the EXPO 2000

For the first time, sports is participating in planning the future at a world exhibition. A great number of concepts and suggestions for their realization are just about to be decided at the EXPO-Association in Hannover. The innovative "concept of de-fatiguation", developed at the University of Oldenburg, will also be applicable to fairs, museums, and city areas after the EXPO 2000. It focusses on the well-known problem of the visitors' exhaustion and offers a system of various kinds of recreation and revitalization through alternative sensory stimuli, physical experiences, motor activities and forms of play.

 Authors: Jürgen Dieckert, Jürgen Koch and Christian Wopp

Renewable Energies:

Energy Meteorology

Following most energy scenarios, renewable energies will significantly contribute to the world`s future energy supply. The efficient use of these highly fluctuating energy sources however makes the availability of methods and information which describe the influence of the meteorological variables on the energy production an important issue. This is subjekt to the research activities in Energy Meteorology.

 Authors:Detlev Heinemann, Jürgen Parisi and Hans-Peter Waldl


The "Polizey" and the Mothers

In the late Age of Enlightenment both the State and the Health (Polizey) considered it their task to educate bourgeois women in motherliness. Their definition of female citizens as "good mothers" largely contributes to laying down the modern role of mothers as well as contemporary notions of femininity and thus sustaines the hierachical order of gender relations.

 Author:Sabine Toppe


Edition of the Compositions of Louise Farrenc

Louise Farrenc (1804-1875), pianist, composer, and scholar is of major importance for French music history. However, her orchestral compositions and chamber music represent a genre which was not so popular in opera-dominated Paris in the middle of the 19th century. A critical edition, supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and issued at the University of Oldenburg, will make her work accessible to musicologists and musicians.

 Authors:Christin Heitmann, Katharina Herwig and Freia Hoffmann

Special Pedagogics:

The Social Situation of Women with Disabilities

The Study concerning the living conditions of woman with disabilities was undertaken with the aim to support the social integration of handicapped people. Therefore official data on subject of their social-economic situation had been analysed, and woman with disabilities had been interviewed and asked which co-called giving conditions they would wish to chance. This research has been done on demand of the governement of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is meant as a basic piece of work for the implementation of an action programme. It is certainly of some value for Germany in general.

 Author:Mathilde Niehaus

Social Science:

The prejudics against Germans habe to be resolved by the Dutch themselves

In the last years (1993, 1995, 1997) the Dutch "Clingendael-Instituut" published some studies about prejudices from Dutch young people towards Germany and the German people. In their eyes Germany is undemocratic, eager to make wars, and wants to overrule the world. But the studies are from a scientific point very problematic, and politically doubtful. Such results of research-activities are not worthwhile, when they are not put in a context of political education, which answers the question, how can young people be educated when Europe grows together?  Author: Rüdiger Meyenberg

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