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Ringvorlesung mit Prof. Dr. Theodore Schatzki

Ringvorlesung mit Prof. Dr. Theodore Schatzki University of Kentucky
College of Arts & Sciences - Department of Philosophy

Practices and Learning

This lecture considers the contribution that practice theory makes to understanding learning. It argues that practice theory does not foster a new conception of learning but instead holds insights into learning traditionally conceived of as the acquisition of knowledge. Part one considers Lave & Wenger’s idea that learning is coming to participate in practices. I argue that coming to participate in a practice amounts to acquiring the practical and propositional knowledges needed to participate in it. As a result, learning qua coming to participate in practices is a version of the traditional conception that highlights practical knowledge and ties contents and processes of knowledge to the organization of social life as practices. Part two explores implications of the ontological centrality of practices for learning and illustrates how practice theory ties the contents and processes of knowledge to practices. After an interlude on the nature of knowledge, the conclusion argues that training à la Wittgenstein underlies the acquisition of knowledge, thus participation in practices, and is itself a form of learning. Das Programm der gesamten Reihe finden Sie hier. Die Einzelankündigung ist hier abrufbar.

26.01.2016 18:00 – 20:00


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